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    What your urine color means

    Color of urine indicates your healthy living habits Why Is My Urine Bright Yellow? Colors Changes and Causes Written by Markus MacGillReviewed by Alana Biggers, MD, MPH   Normal urine should be a pale yellow color. It should be clear, without cloudiness or particle deposits. “Why is my urine bright yellow?” is a question that can be answered if the meaning of bright yellow is clear. This page will explain the full range of possible colors of urine and why they change. If bright yellow means neon yellow, this has a specific cause. Contents of this article: Why does urine turn bright yellow? Abnormal urine colors and their causes Other…

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    Benefits of making your own soda water

    Did you know how easy and how  important it is to make your own soft drink? With so many healthy destroying substances, in many things we eat and drink at this age, it is more than vital to ensure you look at alternatives that will not harm your body. One such step is to decrease the buying and intake of soft drinks in store but rather make your own. This will not only make your health better but lessen the blow on your pocket this tough economic times.   For full story click here

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    Cancer deaths are seeming to be linked to smoking

    Healthy living requires acquiring good habits to increase your lifespan on earth!! A study from the JAMA internal Medicine reveals that about 28%  of cancer related deaths in US are due ,in large, to smoking. This study was based on people aged above 35 years and older.  The findings also revealed that men had higher percentage of these cancer-smoking related cases. Photo credit: Justin Sulivan Author’s opinion It is vital to ensure you know disease related deaths as this knowledge can help you know what to avoid to help minimize the potential life loss through a condition you have. This research looks at the impact one bad habit (smoking) has on…

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    Some treatments are not necessary

    Healthy living also includes proper treatment analysis Doctors name treatments that bring little or no benefit Women over 45 do not need a blood test to diagnose the menopause and X-rays are no real help to those with lower back pain, doctors have said. The advice, drawn up by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, features on a list of 40 treatments that bring little or no benefit to patients. The list is part of a campaign to reduce the number of unnecessary medical treatments. Patients are also encouraged to ask more questions about procedures. Medical experts from 11 different specialties were asked to identify five treatments or procedures commonly…

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    Prenatal curing of mental illness

    Can Mental Illness Be Prevented In The Womb? Every day in the United States, millions of expectant mothers take a prenatal vitamin on the advice of their doctor. The counsel typically comes with physical health in mind: folic acid to help avoid fetal spinal cord problems; iodine to spur healthy brain development; calcium to be bound like molecular Legos into diminutive baby bones. But what about a child’s future mental health? Questions about whether ADHD might arise a few years down the road or whether schizophrenia could crop up in young adulthood tend to be overshadowed by more immediate parental anxieties. As a friend with a newborn daughter recently fretted…

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    Animal to cure our diseases

    The creatures could be our only hope for curing some incurable diseases Tasmanian devil milk fights superbugs Milk from Tasmanian devils could offer up a useful weapon against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, according to Australian researchers. The marsupial’s milk contains important peptides that appear to be able to kill hard-to-treat infections, including MRSA, say the Sydney University team. Experts believe devils evolved this cocktail to help their young grow stronger. The scientists are looking to make new treatments that mimic the peptides. They have scanned the devil’s genetic code to find and recreate the infection-fighting compounds, called cathelicidins. PhD student Emma Peel, who worked on the research which is published in the…

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    New science into finding out the functioning of our brains in stressful situations

    Army and Tufts study how people think, respond to stress The U.S. Army and Tufts University are working together to learn more about how people think and respond under stress. Their new cognitive sciences center officially opened Tuesday in Medford, Massachusetts. The research aims to help soldiers and civilian first responders, such as firefighters. Scientists and engineers are figuring out how to measure, predict and enhance people’s cognitive capabilities, so they can better solve problems and remember information in high-stakes environments. The Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences was jointly founded by the Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center and Tufts. It’s part of the Tufts School…

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    Vital exercises for healthy living in old people

    Older hearts benefit from exercise that is frequent and varied but not intense Written by Catharine Paddock PhD Researchers, who analyzed data from a heart-health study of stroke-free older Americans, conclude that frequent and varied physical activity appears to protect against premature death. However, they found a higher risk of heart-related death among seniors who undertook frequent bouts of high intensity exercise. Ying Kuen Cheung, a professor in biostatistics at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York, NY, and colleagues report their findings in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. The team hopes the study will help healthcare providers give better, more specific advice to their older…

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    Lead your life with positive thoughts

    The importance of positive thinking in leading healthy life 35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life If you believe the phrase you are what you think, then life truly stems from your thoughts. But we cannot rely purely on thoughts; we must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions. This means we have to be very careful with our words, choosing to speak only those which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good. Affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly begin to think nothing is impossible. The word affirmation comes from the…