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Best exercise for heart health-Crazy method anyone can apply now!

I am sure you would love to find the one exercise that can make your heart not only healthy, but an exercise that would be easy to apply in your busy life schedule. Not everyone has the time to do vigorous and time-consuming exercise plans, so it is why this article is focused to assist just about anyone keeps his/her heart health at an optimal level.

I know you can here because you want to keep your heart healthy for a sustained period or else you wouldn’t be here. This article will talk about the reasons why you need to keep your heart healthy and then it will focus on the best exercise for heart health that you may never have paid note to. This is what I used to unclog my heart arteries when I was 20 years old.

Why heart health?-Reasons to keep your heart healthybest heart health exercises

The heart is one of the most importance organ in your body. If you think of it,without your heart you wouldn’t be here on earth. In fact, God forbid, if your heart were to stop right now you will cease to exist. If you think of it this organ is the controlling fact of your life.

However heart health seems to be the one organ people do not pay too much care to it. The truth is caring for this organ can be one factor that can assist in increasing your life span. This is one of the reasons why I study and have dedicated a lot of time doing research for the heart each and every day. This is why I will be telling you about the best exercise for heart health which saved my life.

The modern lifestyle has made caring for the heart even more difficult. At any given day you will be offered “easy foods” (fast foods) or you yourself will find it easy to give in to food that can endanger your heart health. This is exactly what happened to me at a young age until I found myself in a position that was detrimental to my heart.

The best exercise-The best way

The most ideal exercise to keep your heart super healthy is dancing. This can involve any type of dance that you so desire. The reason I sayHeart health dancing is very ideal is because of many of its benefits which will I will describe on this article.

Dancing doesn’t have to be a specific sport you get involved in. It can be just dancing to your favorite dance music in your house, although I would still highly recommend dancing in a social space as it will take you a longer way. Let me expand more on the next few parts.

Moving your body without knowing-The heart’s favorite topic

Have you ever found yourself dancing to a song without knowing? Have you ever just felt the urge to want to dance when you hear your favorite song when you are driving through some place? or perhaps at work? I’m guessing your answer to these questions are yes otherwise you probably are not a human right.

The reason your body loves to dance when hearing music is because of your wiring from birth;You saw others around you dancing to music (whether it was your parents, sisters or strangers) so this influenced you.

The truth of the matter is music and dance have been part and will always be part of our daily lives. So why would you want to pass out such a good and natural thing we all do in our lives.

The moment you are dancing unaware is where you are actually exercising your heart even better. The reason most people find it hard to exercise whether they are trying to unclogging their heart arteries or improving heart strength is because when they are told to exercise (whether by a Doctor or some health practioner) they are more likely thinking to run or do a strenous exercise which makes the whole idea of heart health improving hard.

The thing most people do not know about dancing is that it is actually considered a sport for athletes. I actually do it and can attest to this. This great exercise is the best because your heart loves exercises which come to you naturally as oppose to those that demand you putting to much effort where you are forcing yourself to work out.

Heart and brain health partnership- Kill two birds with one stone.

The good aspect about this heart health exercise is the diversity of health benefit it offers. Did you know that dancing (more specifically ballroom dancing) is considered to make you more intelligent? This was as per the study which was done and published by Richard Powers at Standford dance from where he got the information from New England Journal of Medicine.

Out of all activities, which included reading, playing golf and swimming, dancing came first as an exercise to improve brain health. Here were the major conclusions from the studies with respect to the type of exercises and how much they assist in reducing dementia (a brain disorder):best heart health exercise

  • Doing crossword puzzles- 47%


  • swimming-0%
  • Cycling-0%
  • Reading-35%
  • Playing golf-0%
  • Dancing-76%

As you can see that dancing had a huge benefit in reducing brain disorder. Of course the other exercise do assist with helping with heart health and the like, but when it comes to the brain the dancing is the number one exercise. And guess what? the more your brain is healthy the more your heart gets even healthier and visa versa.

Think about it if your heart arteries are clogged or blocked, even to a small extent, this will disturb your flow to your heart and subsequently to other parts of your body like your brain. Ussually people who have had heart diseases like clogged arteries develop as stroke which is what happens when the brain is damaged due to lack of blood flow to the brain.

Let the music be your healer

Best health heart exercises

The other important aspect about dancing is that almost all the time you will be listening to music while your are moving your body. In other heart health exercises like running or soccer it may be an extra effort to put music into your exercise. However, with any type of dance you will find that the dancing will be incorporating the music. This is what happens in the type of dancing I am in, ballroom dancing, I am always dancing to music because that is what the activity itself includes.


However, you can still incorporate music (like most people do when they are running) by putting earphones. The thing about the other sportsbest heart health exercises is that,especially when you are being competitive, it will be restrictive to be able to put the earphones as those sports or activities do not allow that. So this can be good if you are doing them at home for your pleasure.

Last thoughts for this exercise

Dancing can have more benefits than just by giving you good health. This activity can be a good way to meet people socially by going to dance clubs or studios. My experience with this heart health exercise has been the major factor which assisted me with unclogging my heart health.

This happened through the points I mentioned above because I was doing the exercises without knowing I was exercising. In fact within a couple of months of applying dancing in my daily routine instead of the running ( I was forcing myself to do the running) I saw great result from my heart arteries. Thus, that is why I will always consider any type of dance, coupled with music, as the best exercise for heart health.

I would love to hear what you think about this top, you are welcome to comment below.






  • Elene

    I like the approach you took for the exercise. It is very unique. I am going to have to see if joining a dancing club is viable. I am also following you on your YouTube dancing channel and love your videos. Keep it up

    • Thabo

      Hi Elene
      Thank you for your comment. You can start the heart health exercise of dancing slowly by joining a dance studio. I find that it is the best way to start dancing since you will have a lot of help while you start.

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