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    Heart healthy muffins-Can this even be possible?

    Those of you who have been following my site know of my heart story where I took a quest to cure my blocked heart arteries which developed at a young age (if you haven’t you can check it out here). Being on this journey of taking care of my heart had left me not even eating my favorite snacks (muffins). This soon became a thing of the past when I learnt to find the good muffins which were not only going to lead to me having unclogged arteries but which were going to add more life to my years. Since I have been on this journey I am happy to…

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    Heart healthy yogurt-Know the right yogurt for your heart

    Yogurt is one of the most favorite foods that people love, but this does not mean all types are healthy, especially for the heart. Choosing the right yogurt will not only be good for your heart but it may be a good fighter of diseases. Most people only go for the type of yogurt depending on the taste and allergies ,but there is more to choosing a yogurt type than that. The yogurt type must be good for the heart and be able to act as an organ health enhancer. In this article I will be walking you through choosing the right heart healthy yogurt for you and your body.…

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    The red tea detox review- The honest review about the red tea detox from an African

    Welcome to the full and thorough red tea detox review. I know there are plenty of red tea detox reviews on the internet which makes me have only a few moments to capture your attention right? so, why listen to my information and read my review of this product in your valuable time? Here are a few quick reasons: As a 25-year old I was able to reverse clogged heart arteries through using well researched foods and information. I am daily reviewing the best products that will help me maintain my heart health for myself due to the condition I contracted. As an African I checked out the red tea…

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    Heart healthy snack ideas-Great taste and no Cholesterol

    Have you been in a situation whereby you are told to stop eating snacks just because you are in a critical condition which could trigger chest pains our other negative unhealthy effects?… Or perhaps you are told your cholesterol levels will shoot through the roof should you eat snacks? Or maybe you have been told by the media that eating snacks will trigger your weight gain or even worse high cholesterol? The chances are you have been told these theories in one way or another. I want to tell you that these theories do have some level of truth in them. However, It all depends on the types of snacks…

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    5 heart healthy foods- Foods your heart really need

    Knowing which foods to eat to keep your heart health at an optimum level is essential for living a long life. However, most people do not know what types of foods are essential to achieve such a feat. The types of foods that you need to focus on must always include substances that can help clean the heart arteries which will intern keep the heart healthy. In this article I will be talking about the foods that worked to help unclog my heart arteries and keep them healthy. I will merely focus on the 5 foods. These 5 heart health foods are all budget-friendly Nuts Have you ever head the…

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    Vegan diet for heart disease- Why many people are resorting to this diet

    We are living in an age where the number of heart disease are increasing daily. According a new study by the America Heart Association the heart failure rates is expected to increase by 14% by the year 2030. This risk may also involve young people due to the lifestyle changes that we are facing. For this reason it is vital that you take care of your heart health as this can help to preserve your life. To combat this one important aspect, you need to focus on the right diets, because remember you are what you eat. Having faced a heart related condition myself in my early 20s I have…

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    Mediterranean diet for heart health- How this diet saved my life

    We all would love to live a healthy life by using the foods that we eat every day. This is vital because every thing you eat will ultimately affect your heart, whether you like it or not. This is why I am in love with foods that look out for my heart. In fact I prioritize on these foods. A Mediterranean diet for heart health comes up as number one for giving you a healthier and a strong life. This has been the case for me ever since I changed my diet 8 years ago. Although my change was caused by an illness I had gotten I am glad I…

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    Why a lectin filled diet can be harmful to your Health?

    Research is showing that a lectin-free diet can be beneficial to your health A diet that is lectin-free is linked to producing health according to some dieticians. Although the foods which contain lectin are mostly the heathy food types just like nuts, beans and whole grains. This diet is said be beneficial for people with heart diseases and who what to loss weight. However other dieticians argue about the little effect this substance may have in these healthy foods as healthy foods already are beneficial. Full story: Women’s Health

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    Short term diet change will lead to more life for your on earth

    A tiny change in a healthy diet can lead to an increased in lifespan even for old aged people Better Diet, Longer Life? A large study suggests you’re never too old to benefit from a commitment to eating healthier   By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Middle-aged and older adults who start eating better also tend to live longer, a large new study shows. The findings, reported in the July 13 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, might not sound surprising. Health experts said they basically reinforce messages people have been hearing for years. But the study is the first to show that sustained…

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    Avoiding eating unhealthy in the office

    Healthy eating is vital to ensure in the office as most people spend their time there. 7 weight loss roadblocks you may encounter in your office It’s easy to trip up on our diet and exercise goals when holed up in an office all day. But that doesn’t mean you have to surrender in the battle of the bulge. HOW EATING CARBS CAN HELP YOU MEET YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS Fox News spoke with Lauren Blake, a dietitian at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and Angel Planells, a Seattle-based dietitian and spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, about some common diet mistakes people make at work,…