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    Best supplements for heart health-These helped save my life at a young age

    Before I knew what it took to protect my health years back I knew nothing about using supplements to assist the heart to be strong and better. Once I discovered the benefits of supplements I was able to use it in conjunction with the other heart health strengthening strategies. I also found that not all supplements worked well with healing the heart or making it very stable and healthy in the long run. I have been able, through trial and error trying to heal the heart related condition (clogged arteries) I had at a young age, to find the best supplements for heart health which worked well in assisting me…

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    Best exercise for heart health-Crazy method anyone can apply now!

    I am sure you would love to find the one exercise that can make your heart not only healthy, but an exercise that would be easy to apply in your busy life schedule. Not everyone has the time to do vigorous and time-consuming exercise plans, so it is why this article is focused to assist just about anyone keeps his/her heart health at an optimal level. I know you can here because you want to keep your heart healthy for a sustained period or else you wouldn’t be here. This article will talk about the reasons why you need to keep your heart healthy and then it will focus on…

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    Symptoms of blocked heart arteries-Discover what is holding you back

    Have you ever wondered whether the little signs on your body may be signaling a major problem like clogged heart arteries. You may be surprised that many people, especially young people of today, that they may have clogged heart arteries related to heart diseases. On this article I will be sharing symptoms of blocked heart arteries and also how you can be able to dictate them before they get worse. This article will also talk about how you can prevent them. What are blocked heart arteries and what are they caused by. The normal function of your body is that, when you bleed your body will produce clots to prevent…

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    Unclogging arteries naturally-regaining your optimal health

    Heart disease are constantly on the rise as the years go by, But what is scary is that people develop heart disease without knowing they have it through blocked arteries. The sad part is that young people are now more prone to clogged arteries which eventually cause heart diseases. What makes this difficult to combat is that modern lifestyles in this age are making it nearly impossible for young people to prevent clogged arteries. In this article I will be exploring strategies for unclogging arteries naturally. Modern diets to help clean heart arteries Diet is said to be the most important factor to assist unclogging arteries naturally since this is…

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    About me

    Hello my name is Thabo Khoza, thank you for visiting my site. I specialize in helping people improve their lives through healthy living (more specifically hearth health) and also for them to regain their heart health if they have lost it. This is because I faced the same problems earlier on in my younger years when I was 20 years old. At the age of 20 years old I started feeling lots of pain in my body, especially at the left side of my chest. I was also feeling a lot tired every single day. Although I was an intense athlete the pain was still there. In the year 2010-2011…

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    South Korean aspiring flight attendants are opting for plastic surgery to get their dream job

    Plastic surgery is a big trend in South Korea for obtaining a flight attendant job. Despite the South Korean airlines relaxing their requirements for flight attendant jobs (such as beauty and height requirements), aspiring flight attendants are more and more getting into plastic surgery to stand out. There is even a special package for flight attendants to do this plastic surgery due to the demand. “flight attendants are actually the representative of the airlines”, Sojin Lim, a South Korean former flight attendant who was talking to Business inside. Sojin said the way the flight attendants look will say a lot about the airline. Full story: Business Insider

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    Why a lectin filled diet can be harmful to your Health?

    Research is showing that a lectin-free diet can be beneficial to your health A diet that is lectin-free is linked to producing health according to some dieticians. Although the foods which contain lectin are mostly the heathy food types just like nuts, beans and whole grains. This diet is said be beneficial for people with heart diseases and who what to loss weight. However other dieticians argue about the little effect this substance may have in these healthy foods as healthy foods already are beneficial. Full story: Women’s Health

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    How much exercise should kids and teenagers engage in?

    Latest research finds out how much exercise children and teenagers require It’s a question with an answer that researchers are still trying to better understand: How much exercise do kids need on a daily basis? In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children and adolescents should get at least an hour of physical activity each day. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service recommends the same. There are questions too about the types of physical activity kids and teens should do, how to get young people excited about exercise and what research efforts are underway to better understand fitness on a molecular level. What kids’ exercise…

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    Learning to maintain lost weight is more important than losing it

    Healthy living tips for maintaining lost weight 7 steps to help maintain weight loss for life Jul. 26, 2017 at 10:48 PM Kristin Kirkpatrick As a registered dietitian, many of my appointments with patients begin with harrowing tales of weight-loss programs from the past. Patients discuss details about why one worked over another and how much weight was lost in each. Unfortunately, the majority of these attempts all end on the same note: gaining all, or more, of the weight back. Thousands of references are available to consumers on how to lose weight. However, very few sources identify, perhaps, the most important piece of the puzzle — how to keep…

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    Short term diet change will lead to more life for your on earth

    A tiny change in a healthy diet can lead to an increased in lifespan even for old aged people Better Diet, Longer Life? A large study suggests you’re never too old to benefit from a commitment to eating healthier   By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Middle-aged and older adults who start eating better also tend to live longer, a large new study shows. The findings, reported in the July 13 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, might not sound surprising. Health experts said they basically reinforce messages people have been hearing for years. But the study is the first to show that sustained…