Coffee and heart health- The truth exposed

Is coffee really good for the heart?coffee and heart health

This is a much disputed topic and for the sake of addressing this question I will be talking about the experience I have gotten by using the coffee for improving heart health.

Over the years coffee has gotten a bad name when it came to health but a new modern study has discovered that coffee is actually beneficial to the heart.

In this article I will be reviewing the coffee and heart health to check the link that may exist with my experience.

Coffee over view

heart health and coffee

According to camona island coffee comes from a plant called coffee cherry. Coffee is said to be the seed piece of this plant.

From this simple explanation it is obvious to see that in fact coffee is generally a plant (fruits)

and what do we know about fruits?,,,,yes you guessed it…. they are one of the most healthiest food groups out there.

This undoubtedly gives coffee one point for being heart healthy or healthy generally.

According to Everydayhealth what makes coffee good for your heart are the compound in it that are said to produce anti-inflammitory properties.

anti-inflammatory are vital to sustain your life in a general case and also prevent other disease from occurring.

Best types of coffee

What really determines the best type of coffee?

Well it is simple…you only need to tick the following few points to discover that:

  • Is the coffee that has all the health ingredients
  • A coffee with the right amount of caffeine

According to research caffeine does give your heart some boost in terms of heart health however the having too much can have a negative effect.

This is because the research has only seen the benefits of its presence in coffee but not its good effect in therms of high quantity.coffee and heart health

  • Coffee must be of good quality brand

This normally entails the coffee you drink being organic. There are many brands that cater to this and are easily available.

You can check out the article I wrote about one of these coffees which is called Sunshine Blend coffvee here.

  • Presence of cinnamon in your coffee

By adding cinnamon to your coffee this will make add the heart health component to the coffee as the heart health benefits of cinnamon are very vast.coffee and heart health

Not only is cinnamon heart health, it is also adds great taste to the coffee.

Just be sure to not add too much into your coffee as this will cause other side effects which I mentioned in my previous article.

  • Presence of cocoa in the coffee

This another powerful heart health agent. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants of the heart.

The presence of cocoa has the same if not more effect than cinnamon has on the heart.


Worst types of coffee

What deems coffee bad or worst?

The main components for bad coffee are similar to the opposites of the best type properties however there are components more importance.

  • Too much sugarcoffee and heart health

The addition of excessive sugar to the coffee can cause high blood sugar levels which will cause diabetes which will eventually cause heart disease. You can check out the link between diabetes and heart disease to see the risks involved.


  • Too much caffeine

As mentioned above this can go either way: you could either have a heart health coffee (putting the right amount of caffeine) or you could have coffee that is totally detrimental to your heart (too much caffeine).


  • Presence of artificial creams

When your coffee has artificial creams or low-fat creams it already not heart healthy at all.

The components in these artificial creams can cause a lot damage since they have ingredients which are not really known.

Rather, aim for full-fat (grass-fed) milk cream or non-dairy cream just like I do. This will work well for vegans.

Best times to drink coffee for heart health

The time of drinking your coffee has a huge impact on whether it is good or bad for your heart. This is because of the compounds’ reaction to your inactive body cells or not.

That is why finding the right time for coffee can either mean are damaging your body and heart or you are making it very healthy.

So when should you drink your coffee?

The best time to drink your coffee is always in the morning especially when it has not been more than 3 hours you have been up.

This is when your body is very active and your cells have recovered from all the body and cell reactions which happen at night while you sleep.

Please, please and please guys I know you may hate me on what I am about to say but it can literally save your life…ready?

Do not consume coffee after 2pm. I just heard you gasp..

Yes I said no coffee after 2pm..The reason I say this is because coffee contains caffeine which is the major stimulate for your body.

Caffeine makes you stay awake and gives you energy but drinking it late in the afternoon can interfere with your sleep and resting time at night.

coffee and heart health

Granted..this doesn’t happen to everyone or doesn’t effect everyone but if you feel you are those people who can quite the after 2pm habit for additional sleep at night than this is the best heart healthy tip.


Final thoughts

The topic around coffee and heart health has been a topic of debate for many years where some are of the belief that coffee is heart health while others disagree.

Current research revealed that those who said coffee is good for the heart are right.

Although the topic around this can be very broad it is vital know that there are a few components that you have to tick for deeming your coffee heart health such as the amount of caffeine, amount of sugar in the coffee etc.

The good thing about most of the components which deem the coffee heart health can easily be manipulated in order to get a heart health coffee.

The only hard thing is that although you may have control you need to be vigilant of the components you are recommended to add above because if you add excessive amount it may ruin your coffee completely (causing illness).

If you enjoyed this article of coffee and heart health I would love to hear you components on the comment section below.

If you have question too you are more than welcome to ask me.







    • Thabo

      Great question Nate.

      Yes there are many supplements you can use such as fish oil or flaxseed oil to get the good heart healthy nutrients

  • Felix

    You chose a very interesting and wildly discussed topic. I also heard about the most recent study, which also claimed that up to 8 cups of coffee per day are health beneficial. You mentioned the impact of the proper amount of caffeine. What would you suggest as the most beneficial amount of caffeine and how do I know?

  • Jennifer

    Hi Thabo,
    Coffee like most things are great in moderation. I started laughing out loud when I read the warning for no coffee after 2 p.m. Because I have a cup in my hand now (and it’s after 4 in the afternoon)! But you are definitely right! I usually only have 1 cup of coffee in the a.m. and no more than two. I even second guessed my beverage choice this afternoon right before I brewed it. lol But, I have a lot of work to do this afternoon…so I rationalized with myself.:)
    Cinnamon is such a great spice, and especially paired with coffee and organic cream. Thanks for your review and all the great info:)

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this interesting and informative article.

    Now I know where i have been going wrong with my coffee, too much sugar. I also found it interesting knowing the properties of coffee. Thank you

    • Thabo

      Hey Jennifer

      I am very happy this article helped you more aware of your coffee consumption. Sugar can be deadly in coffee since it is invisible

  • Fran

    Good for you — someone has to stand up for coffee! It has gotten such a bad rep lately. Unfortunately, I have been told to give up coffee by a local health person because I’ve been dealing with non-sleep issues for quite a while. She didn’t want me to have any trace of caffeine in my system. Bummer! I loved my morning coffee! And I never drank it after noon. Now and then I have a cup just for a treat, but will make sure I take that cup just in the morning. Nice job of writing, by the way.

    • Thabo

      Wow I am so happy to hear your testimony
      I had to write this and do the research because many people are not well informed when it comes to consuming coffee.
      You made a best choice by drinking coffee in the morning, it will work wanders.

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