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Garlic and heart health- The heart superfood

Looking after your heart these days has become one of the most important things especially due to the rise of fast foods we encounter daily.

Finding food that will clean your heart arteries is essential as it will help sustain your life. However, many people do not know the foods that are specifically good for giving them heart health.

In this article I will be talking about a vegetable or super food that we all use in our cooking in one way or another. I will be revealing to you why it is good for the heart.

In this garlic and heart health article I will also be talking about many other benefits of garlic.

Why Garlic is good for the heart

First of all let’s understand what garlic is. Garlic is basically a vegetable that is normally used in most cooking dishes.

Garlic is known to belong to the onion group due to its nature and how it is prepared.

The scent it has is why it is popular in food cuisines.

I know I know…… some people do not like the smell of this super food but if you are looking to make your heart healthy it would be useful to add it in your life. This can be done in a form of combining it with other foods when you are preparing your meals.

This will help camouflage the smell you may not like in garlic.

Now that we have briefly talked about what garlic is and how it is used let’s move on and discuss why it is good for the heart.


Well garlic was pretty much made to protect your heart. This is because it is recommended for heart related disease.

A study done revealed that there was a link between the consumption of garlic to heart related disease like thrombosis, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Unclogging of heart arteries

The other main benefit of the garlic is its blood vessel cleansing. This medical property of the garlic help it work in a similar way to an Aspirin.

So if you are like me and do not like using aspirins to keep your heart arteries healthy you can opt for this option.

In fact if you have had clogged heart arteries,like me 5-8 years back, it would be wise to use garlic to naturally help unclog your heart arteries.

If you find that garlic is not your preferred option then you can opt for using other supplements which work just as good as garlic. These option could be Flaxseed oils, flaxseed oil capsules or fish oil capsules.

You can also check out my review of the best flaxseed oils for your heart health here.

One thing that the study did not be conclusive with was finding out if garlic was able to lower cholesterol levels.



Other benefits of garlic

Colds and flu

This is one aspect that made me very in love with garlic. Ever since I found out that garlic is very powerful in preventing colds and flu I started consuming it regularly

I normally increase the consumption to two times a week in flu season.

A study that is consistent to this found out that people who eat garlic or allicin (a substance in garlic) were less likely to catch a cold than those who did not consume garlic. For details of the study you can check it out here.

Athletic performance enhancement

Garlic and heart health

According to studies in the Ancient times garlic supplements were used to enhance performance of laborers and reduce their fatigue.

It was also reported that in the ancient times athletes were given garlic to give them strength for performance.

This makes garlic oil or supplements or natural garlic very good for better physical health.


Dementia is a term used to describe the disorders related to the brain. A typical person with dementia would have memory loss, and not be able to think probably due to the oxidation damage in the brain. This can happen at any age so it is vital to ensure that a person protects him or herself.

Garlic has protective substances which disable the oxidation of cells which cause brain cell damage. This then protects the person from brain damage.

Longer lifespan

As mentioned already about the heart benefits of garlic it is obvious that the more your heart is protected from heart disease the longer you are likely to live.

Bone health

A study that was done in rodents revealed that garlic improved bone health. This was due to the fact that it produced more estrogen in the body.

This was led to conclude that garlic was good for improving women bone health more than men.

This means you can use garlic supplements to gather with calcium supplements to keep your bones strong especially if you eat a diet that has no milk like a vegan diet.


Diabetes is also one disease related to heart health, You can read the article of the heart disease and diabetes to see how they link.

Basically the one disease is related to the other so it is vital to insure you do not have one because it will highly produce the other.


Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease and it very hard to manage, but the good news is that a study was done and it concluded that the garlic was a preventative measure for cancer.

This was as per the clinical studies that were done for this study.

The reason garlic is said to be good for preventing cancer is because it has cancer-preventing abilities which stop the formation of cancer substances in the body.

Hair loss prevention

Garlic and heart health

You would be shocked to find out the Garlic can be used to cure baldness….well this is what people have been doing in turkey to remedy their baldness where they apply a garlic gel on their head.

The studies also confirmed the accuracy of this habit and it was more or less consistent as much as their were bits of discrepancies.

In fact, I will be recommending this to my family as I can see there are starting to be bald headed family members ha ha ha.

Now that you know the great benefits of garlic in your body I am sure that now it will be easy to try out this super food as part of your meals.

Let me help you with ways you can be able to incorporate this super food as your regular meal so that your heart health and general health stay on top all the time.

Detoxifying of heavy metals in the body

Last but not least is the amazing ability of Garlic to protect your organs by decreasing the accumulation of heavy metals in the body.

We all know that the accumulation of heavy metals may occur without your knowledge and protecting yourself from the damages of heavy metals is essential.

Well that’s it folks and that was quite a mouthful of the benefits of garlic now let’s look at how you can put it in your life regularly

Where garlic is used?

garlic and heart health

Bear in mind that garlic can be used in many forms from natural state (cloves) to supplements, to powders and to garlic oil.

This makes it easy to be added in many soups and sauces due to its strong smell.

I personally use garlic when I am cooking food that has less taste or in soup dishes to add that strong and taste smell.

You can also use supplements if you feel it is too much to add it in your cooking or from sauces.


Some facts to consider about garlic

It is also worth noting that garlic can also have some side effects. Below are some facts to consider about garlic.

Blood thinning effect

If you are using any blood thinning medication like aspirin it is vital to consult your doctor because garlic will interfere with the working of this chronic medication.

This is because this food has similar effects of blood thinning as these blood thinning medication.

Bad breath

garlic and heart health

This is what I dread about garlic, Due to its strong odour that stays in your mouth for long period.

This is why I suggest that a person uses garlic in cooking. This will make it blend with other ingredients to not give you that ordour.

Using it in a powder form or sauce will also block the ordour.


Some people have garlic allergies so that is why I recommend consulting your doctor should you decide to add garlic in your daily life.

Final thoughts

As you now know that garlic is a very good super food when it comes to your heart health it will be a good thing that to add it in your meals regularly.

There are many ways you can add this super food to your life and choosing the right way can help it more sustainable to eat it regularly.

So whether you are an athlete looking to boost your performance or you are a normal person who hates flu garlic can be a good addition in your life as long as you are not allergic to it.

I hope this garlic and heart health article was very beneficial to you and I hope you will start using garlic in your life. I would love to heart your experience with garlic below or whatever comments you want to add.





  • Mitala

    Thanks for this great post about garlic. It’s one of those things I have always been reluctant to take, but now that I know the benefits of garlic especially the heart unclogging and helping with flu and cold, I will take it more oftenly now.

    • Thabo

      Yeah I am glad this article was helpful to you. I also started taking garlic regularly once I knew the benefits it has when it comes to colds and flus

    • Thabo

      Marcus glad this article was very informative to you and could help.

      Hope you will be able to apply garlic in your food regularly

  • Rob

    I know all too well about garlic. I wrote an article on my site about it because it’s great for diabetes. Your information is right on. Garlic is so beneficial for your health in addition to diabetes. Unclogging your arteries alone would be worth it. Mine problem is I don’t like the taste or the smell of garlic so I opt for the supplement. It may not be as potent but it is still beneficial. Thanks for some awesome information! 🙂

    • Thabo

      Hey Rob great response.

      I am glad you are very knowledgeable about garlic especially when it comes to diabetes because diabetes is related to Heart disease.
      I also took garlic just because of unclogging heart arteries.

      Glad you liked my article

  • Precilla Pascual

    Very good and helpful information. I do believe in garlic and its great benefits. I have learned about the good benefits of it when you swallow (not chew) chopped pieces of it before bedtime. If swallowing, there is no bad effect on your breath. I have been doing it, and it works for me. Good job.

    • Thabo

      Hey Precilla

      That is a great testimony of eliminating the bad breath effect of garlic. I think I will end up doing this more regularly because I thought it actually effects the breath even if you swallow it.thanx

      Im glad you enjoyed the garlic and hearth health article

  • Derek

    I love Garlic and yes it smells but its goodness out weighs its smell! I would also like to say I did not it was a performance enhancer too.

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