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Heart healthy drinks-Drinks to save your life

Most people only want to know what types of food they can consume to keep their heart healthy. But did you know that drinks are just as important when it comes to keeping your heart healthy to prevent high blood pressure that can cause death.Heart healthy drinks

If you think about it, more than half of our bodies is made up of water. In fact according to the Journal of biological chemistry 153, it is said that our heart and brain are about 73% water.

If you take this research into account you will understand why having the right drinks can help preserve your vital organs such as your heart and kidneys.

Contrary to popular belief the theory of drinking 8 glasses of water per day does not exist. This was according to a recent report which stated that the theory was just sold to people over the years but in fact there has not been any scientific research done for it.

The U.S . National Academies of science, Engineering and Medicine recommends that following consumption of water through food and drinks:

  • 3.7 liters for men
  • 2.7 liters for women

What is equally important to drinking enough water/fluids is focusing on the consumption of the right ones for your heart.

In this article I will talk about the Heart healthy drinks you can use to boost your heart health


Water is the most important liquid to drink. What is great about water is that water it is a very  natural liquid and has no added sugars or other substances.

Although most people do not like the raw taste of water there are ways to make your water more tasty. This can be done by adding lemon or orange.

heart health

Although some people criticize the addition of lemon or orange to water saying it defeats the purpose of drinking plain water, but this small act can make huge a difference whether you drink water regularly or not.

There are  various benefits linked to the consumption of water and knowing them can help you understand the importance of drinking water regularly:

Aids in weight control

Water has been used by many people as a strategy to loose weight. This is because water, unlike drinks like soda, doesn’t have added sugar and other calorie producing ingredients.

If you eat foods that are packed with lots of water, like fruits, your body will take longer to digest which will make you fuller for longer and thus cutting of those hunger pangs.

My suggest would be that you take a bottle of water with you whenever you leave your house because this will remind you of the fact that you must be drinking water to achieve your daily consumption targets.

Good for your skin and hair

Your skin and hair are greatly affected by dehydration at any moment. This dehydration has the potential to cause skin and hair disorders.




Coffee is an often underestimated drink when it comes to health. This is mainly due to bad publicity which usually comes with it. What people do not know is that coffee has been deemed and accredited as giving heart health according to New research.

There are certainly better ones that people can make use of. For example, you would want to stay away from drinking large amounts Unfiltered coffee as this may increase your cholesterol levels.

Most people are addicted to coffee due to its caffeine content generally; You get some people who can not have a good day without having any cup of coffee (sounds familiar?).

At this point you may be asking “If we as humans are already consuming great amounts of coffee why does it not save many people from bad health disorders?” The answer to that question is simple; People do not drink coffee in moderation and most people drink the wrong types of coffee for their health.

A way to great health is the consumption of foods in moderation, this is also true for coffee. You will find more benefits from it in this way.

If you are drinking coffee and really love it you would want to focus on coffee that boosts your health at the same time. In this way you will be killing two birds with one stone.

There is a variety out there, but I have found that most coffee out there deal with weight loss mainly.

There is a coffee that focuses mainly on giving you heart health which is called Sunshine blend coffvee. what I like about it is that it is not toxic to the body and can used by people of all ages to boosted their heart health and most importantly it is relatively affordable.

This coffee can be very beneficial to people who also have heart disease and people looking to unclog their heart arteries.

What is more important about the Sunshine blend coffvee is that it has all the antioxidants of the heart that are found in red wine (how cool is that?).

As a cherry on top, this one of a kind heart healthy coffee has a great taste which means opting for it would leave you with a great coffee alternative which can aid in making you live longer.

Below is the description of the Sunshine blend coffvee

  • Has resveratrol, the same heart healthy antioxidant found in red wine
  • High in Vitamin D to help regular your mood
  • Delicious taste
  • Very affordable
  • Unique

Cheapest place to buy it:



Soy Milk

Are you dairy intolerant? or perhaps you want another alternative to milk? well here is a milk alternative that I have used over the years to help with unclogging my heart arteries, soy milk.

Normal milk is generally a good source of protein and calcium and it has many great benefits to keep you healthy, however the high consumption of this milk or prolonged drinking of this milk may not be good for your heart.

This is because normal milk is filled with saturated fats, which is fat that increases the bad cholesterol in your body especially the heart arteries according to the American Heart Associate.

Soy milk is a great alternative since it is a milk made from plant. This means that this milk has polyunsaturated fats which are the good fats heart healthfor your heart.

According to the National Institutes of Health 25 grams of soy protein which is found in all soy milk reduces the risk of heart disease.

I use to drink normal milk until I was 20 years old and when I developed clogged heart arteries my body reacted whenever I drank normal milk (I would get chest pains). This is due to the saturated fats that normal milk has which have a tendency to clog heart arteries.

After I converted to drinking soy milk my heart arteries have never complained ever since. This reaction I felt in my body was a greater confirmation that indeed soy milk is good with reducing the effects of heart disease or clogged arteries. I have been using this milk as one of my foods to unclog my arteries.

There is one key importance when you decide to focus on the soy milk and that is the calcium part. The main reason you are drinking any milk is for the milk to aid with giving you calcium.

However, most soy milk have little to no calcium content so what you should always do is to check that the soy milk you buy is calcium fortified. This will aid in giving you the calcium you get in normal milk.

Below is a great calcium fortified soy milk that is of great quality (Instant organic soya milk powder):

  • No preservatives
  • Cholesterol-free
  • No added cane sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians too

Cheapest place to buy it:


Hot chocolate

Most people love hot chocolate, but did you know the heart health benefits this great beverage you indulge it has? I bet you didn’t.

Hot chocolate is good since it has substances which fight off heart disease. The Cocoa in the chocolate is what produces this fighting substance.

I wrote an article about how cocoa is good for you and how much you should aim for when it comes to any chocolate consumption, you can Click here to read it.

The good thing about hot chocolate is that you can drink it hot or cold. However, research has found that there are more beneficial factors for drinking it when it is hot.

This is because the oxidants that are present are more active in a hot state of this beverage.

This makes the Hot chocolate a great fit in this Heart healthy drinks article.

Green tea


Green tea is a known beverage for having many health benefits such as brain health and fat loss and many more. Although I am not a huge fan of tea but I have always noticed the benefits of green tea from my friends who are health conscious.

Green tea also has antioxidants that help prevent cancer. Cancer is caused by the oxidative damage of body cells. This is because this causes the cells to grow uncontrollably in the body.

According to NCBI green tea is good for reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, which is known as a common problem in men.

Red wine

This beverage is in the alcohol category but has all the benefits of heart health according to Mayoclinic. Although it is not recommended to start consuming alcohol especially if your history of alcohol abuse known, it can be good if you drink in moderation.

It is believed that the red wine has flavonoids and a substance called resveratrol which is known to aid in giving your heart health benefits.

I would recommend if you do drink red wine that you rather drink it in moderation as that will give you the heart health benefits.


Fruit and veggie drinks

Fruits and vegetable are the best option to consume in any form. This is because they are known for their many benefits which help cleanse the body.

Fruits and vegetables have all the nutrients you may need. This is especially so when you combine a variety of them in your meals.

One case would be when you combine banana and strawberries. The banana has a lot of potassium while apples are filled with lots of vitamin C. This combination then gives you the complete balance of nutrients you need.

This is the reason why fruit and veggie drinks are a great choice for your health. The amazing thing is that you do not have to buy most of these drinks because you can make them yourself by using your own home blenders such as smoothie blenders.

In this fruit and veggie drink section it is important to note that any fruit drink is good for your healthy, but if you want to be specific about heart health here are some drinks I recommend according to research.

  • Pomegranate drink

Pomegranate drink has similar benefits to those of red wine. This drink is not only heart healthy but is very tasty.

  • Tomato juice

Tomato has been found to be good for heart health because of its niacin and potassium content. These nutrients are essential for managing heart disease.

One thing to watch out when drinking a tomato juice is that it tends to be filled with a lot of sodium content which can affect your heart health.

I would recommend that you purchase or use a low sodium tomato drink as this can aid with your efforts of giving you heart health.


  • Grape juice

This is one of my favorite fruit juices that I have been drinking ever since I found out that I had heart artery blockages.

The great thing about grape fruit is that it is made from grapes.

Grapes have antioxidants that prevent the clotting of blood in the heart arteries which can lead to a heart attack.

The greater option would be to go for red grape fruit juice as it has more of the antioxidants found in red wine that help protect the heart.


I hope this article helped you with knowing the great heart healthy drinks which I have used over the years to make my heart more healthier and unclog my heart arteries.

If you have any experiences or information you want to share perhaps you want to say something you can comment below, your input is very welcome.




  • Elene

    Hey Thabo, thank you for opening my eyes for knowing the good heart healthy drinks. I was actually looking for these drinks for the whole of last week as I am now starting to take care of my heart in all respects. I am booking marking this website.

    I will be converting to soy milk too as from next week.

  • samantha

    Of course, important article, I also published such important article with some Green Tea, Chocolate, lime juice, etc. This is supportive to the heart of the human. I agree with you, Water is more useful for our body. If we can drink water regularly. Soy milk and Red wine, I don’t know the information, anyway, that is great supporting for the human health. Thaks for your valuable information

    • Thabo

      Yes Samantha these drinks are vital for the human heart and we are to drink them daily. Thank you for this.
      I am glad you also wrote an article like this since this information is very important.

  • Yemi

    I agree with what you mentioned about water. If adding some lemon and cucumber makes me drink more water, then the purpose is achieved and not defeated.
    And as a coffee drinker, you’ve sparked my interest in looking for health benefits when choosing coffee. The Sunshine Coffvee sounds really unique.

    • Thabo

      Yeah taste for water is the best for all of us. You get the best of both worlds for heart health and taste.
      I am glad I sparked your interested for this. It is indeed a great coffee option as it takes care of your heart health.

  • Amy

    This is a fantastic article. I am a huge coffee drinker but worry a lot about the effects on my health as it is meant to be so bad for you. I hadn’t realised that there were some types that are better for your health than others and I really like that I can have my regular coffee, boost my vitamin D levels and be heart healthy!

    Thanks for an enlightening post

  • Boryana

    You may be surprised, but currently, I’m not drinking most of everything you wrote about above!
    Sure, I’m a big coffee lover, but sometimes I forget even about the water.
    The tomato juice is something I would love to give it a try.
    Thanks so much for reminding me to take a better care of myself.
    Great work on the article!

  • James

    If I had a nickel for every time someone told me I need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, i’d be pretty well off right now. Your absolutely on point with the daily intake for men and women. Being of the male populace, I try (TRY) to drink 7 of the 16.9 oz Poland Spring size water bottles every day. I usually end up drinking about 4-5, so I still have some work to do in that area. Great article nonetheless.

  • Peter

    So great for sharing this. I never know that coffee and hot chocolate will help us keep heart healthy. Will try them daily but hot chocolate seems has very high calories, that is also a problem if we take everyday.

  • Christen Thomas

    Hi Thabo – Thanks for providing this information on healthy drinks. I love hot chocolate as well as green tea – so it’s great to see them on the approved list 🙂 My main goal is to drink more water, personally. I’m doing better, but I’ve still got a way to go!

    • Thabo

      Great to hear you are drinking some of these heart healthy drinks as they will go a long way in giving you great heart health.

      Water is also what I am looking to add more in my daily lifestyle.

    • Thabo

      Great choice as long as that will give you great benefits for your health because these options here are merely for heart health.

  • Chris

    Hi Thabo,

    what a great article. Thank you so much for the information you’ve put together here. I totally agree that most people who want to improve their health focus too much on the “food” part, rather than looking at the big picture and also look at what (and how) they drink. I certainly did that myself: For years I drank a bottle of orange juice per day, thinking I was doing myself a favor: At the end of the day, that’s pure fruit, right. Right! But it’s pure sugar as well! Since I’ve learned that I try to treat juice and soft drinks as what they are: Sweet treats. I try to stick with water and some tea every now and then.

    I was quite surprised that coffee is considered healthy. Just recently I heard that it comes with high levels of acrylamide. Do you know anything about that?


    • Thabo

      Hello Chris

      firstly thank you for your lengthy feedback.
      Indeed people do not look at the big picture when it comes to healthy eating and this causes many problems such as heart health.
      Yes I do know about acrylamide.
      acrylamide is a bad substance indeed but research has found that this substance has been there ever since man started cooking.
      This is because this substance is not only found in coffee and smoking but in foods that we fry or grill.
      Research has also found that the dosages that we get from our consumption are very less to cause harm.
      However it is still good to drink coffee in moderation as this substance still does exist in these products and thus that is why I recommended coffee be drank in moderation.
      But most important is that many cancers are offset but the usage of coffee.

  • Petra

    Hi Thabo,

    I’m a big fan of water and of coffee and love the idea of the heart-healthy coffee. I used to drink soy milk too, but have read that it’s not so good for women when consumed regularly. Have you heard something similar?

    • Thabo

      Hey Petra
      Yes I have heard that for woman it can have that effect. I just believe that if things get eaten a lot they end up having adverse effects. Consumption should always be limited.
      Thanx for your feedback 🙂

  • Nathan

    Nice article. I’m a coffee guy so I definitely agree that it’s good for your health so long as it’s pure coffee and none of those other stuff that you add to make them taste better.

    • Thabo

      Thanx for your comment Nathan.

      I am not a fan of coffee ,but I understand the benefits of coffee through a lot of research. The problem is that the media doesn’t want people to know all the facts because businesses are run by most of these entities anyway.

  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Thabo,

    I like how you “cleared” the coffee. People who are promoting a healthy lifestyle rarely say anything good about it. Coffee is a great addition to a healthy diet. And as everything else, it has to be consumed in moderation. I like to have at least one cup per day. Mostly because of the taste of it. You created a healthy list here and you gave some great recommendations. Thank you.

  • AS

    This is fascinating, I particularly like the section on hot chocolate as I didn’t know that this could be good for you! Do you have any tips for healthy cocktails? That’s another one of my vices and I’d like to know how to make them healthier!

    • Thabo

      THanx for the feedback and I am glad you liked the article

      On my next articles I will try talk about heart health cocktails thanx for your suggestion.

  • Dexter

    Hey Thebo, I’m glad you’re doing better. Having heart issues at such a young age is terrifying. I agree liquids are a very important part of your overall diet. I’ve been using water as a tool to help aid in weight loss and it’s made a difference. I’m on my way to being sexy again… haha. I want to look into that heart healthy coffee you mentioned. I drink coffee everyday and drinking healthier version would be easy to do. Thanks.

    • Thabo

      Dexter thanx for your feedback
      I am definitely better than before due to my diet,thanx.
      I am glad you are eating your way to great health.
      That coffee is very great as it targets mainly the heart.

  • Melinda

    Oh, I disagree with this whole post. I only drink water and love it. I would have to argue that some of those beverages are not as beneficial as one might think.

    • Thabo

      Hi Melinda

      Thank you for your comment. Unless you are living in another world it is extremely impossible to live without drinking any other beverages. The bible also states that things can be eaten in moderation. I also drink mainly water but when I am in a friends or family gathering I find it very good to drink these beverages.
      I am also proof that these beverages reversed my heart arteries so I have no doubt they work.

  • Diane

    Your articles are very informative and very good reading. You have a nice light way of putting your message across and yet it is very empowering. I have just started a take care of myself routine and your articles are so helpful.
    Thank you very much for caring 🙂

    • Thabo

      I am very happy to hear that my articles are helpful to getting you to your heart health.
      I will keep posting and I hope you can learn to take care of your heart using my articles.
      I have been a student of getting my heart health for more than 8 years.

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