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Heart healthy yogurt-Know the right yogurt for your heart

hearth healthy yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most favorite foods that people love, but this does not mean all types are healthy, especially for the heart.

Choosing the right yogurt will not only be good for your heart but it may be a good fighter of diseases.

Most people only go for the type of yogurt depending on the taste and allergies ,but there is more to choosing a yogurt type than that. The yogurt type must be good for the heart and be able to act as an organ health enhancer.

In this article I will be walking you through choosing the right heart healthy yogurt for you and your body.

Why Yogurt?

According to recent research Yogurt has been said to be very good for the heart.

This is a good thing because over the years doctor’s have been recommending it for their patients.

I remember when my younger brother had his baby teeth removed when he was 5 years old the doctor gave him a yogurt after the operation.

It only clicked now when I got older that they used yogurt for its great benefits because it can be used as any meal to fill the stomach.

Think of it

A yogurt can be consumed as breakfast, Lunch (salads), healthy snacks or dinner (dessert treat). This makes it very versatile for all of us.

heart healthy snacks

For the above reasons it is easier to add yogurt to obtaining heart health whether you are inflicted with some sort of heart disease or you just want to reach optimal general health in your life or in your sports.

Benefits of yogurt

This super food has great nutrients to back up it’s health components. The major nutrients yogurt has is the vitamin D and calcium.

Let us see the health benefits derived from consuming your favorite yogurt:

Healthy bones

Yogurt being made from milk has a lot of calcium which help in developing bones for children and strengthening bones for old people.

People at risk of arthritis can really benefit from consuming this super food to keep the disease at bay.heart healthy yogurt

Healthy cholesterol levels and low blood pressure

Cholesterol is the number contributor for heart disease and by lowering it you are not only helping your heart get stronger but you are giving yourself a longer lifespan.

The study that was done concluded that people who ate more yogurt were linked to having low blood pressure and a lower BMI than people who didn’t consume yogurt.

Healthy intestines

More studies show that yogurt is a powerful super food when it comes to keeping your intestines healthy. This is because some yogurts have probiotics which is a living bacteria in yogurt and it works to clean the intestines.


Yogurt, specifically low-fat yogurt, is good for people who are looking to loose weight. This is obviously due to the low fat contained in the yogurt.


Which are the types of yogurts that are good for the heart

So at this point you may be asking this: “so which types of yogurt should I go for?

Since we are talking about healthy healthy yogurt let’s get right into it immediately

You see when it comes to yogurt the Greek, non-dairy and original yogurt are your best bets. Let’s go into each of these so you can see why.

Greek yogurtheart healthy yogurt

The Greek yogurt is made from when the normal yogurt is further processed or heated. This produces a yogurt with great amount of protein called the Greek yogurt.

The Greek yogurt is a yogurt normally used in Mediterranean style cooking. If you have been reading my posts you will know how heart healthy a Mediterranean diet is. If you haven’t you can check it here.

Non-dairy yogurt

A non-dairy product is a yogurt with no milk in it. This is basically for people who are vegans or who are lactose intolerance like me.

This a great alternative for people who are looking to keep their heart arteries unclogged or who want to keep their heart arteries clean.

This is because this yogurt is doesn’t have the milk I mentioned which normally has bad cholesterol, the component which causes the clogging of the arteries. I shared this in my story. You can check it out here if you haven’t seen it.

I suggested you look for a calcium-fortified yogurt for this option if you are looking to consume yogurt to get you calcium. Other than that you should be fine.


Original yogurt

The original is also another healthy option. It is filled with a lot of calcium and protein to help you with you nutrients addition.

According to Healthline original yogurt can protect you against heart disease.


Ways to add yogurt into your diet

I am assuming you are reading this post because you are looking to get healthier and I believe you want to see how yogurt can keep you more healthy right?

Putting yogurt in your diet daily can have a long term heart health effect for you. There are many ways you can add yogurt in your daily consumption.

I have listed ways you can accomplish this below:

Work or daytime snack

Yogurt with fruits like strawberry, berries and apples:

heart healthy yogurt

This can be very good for adding natural sugar to original yogurt can be a tasty and healthy option. You can play around with different fruits of your choice to find your favorite combination.

Check out my heart healthy snacks for more options.

My favorite combination is yogurt with strawberry.

heart healthy yogurt

Yogurt and nuts

This is the best combination for obtaining great amount of protein as light breakfast,snack or dessert.

heart healthy yogurt

Greek yogurt as a dip

The great thing about Greek yogurt is that it can be used as dip due its thick nature, this opens more options for you to consume the yogurt. For example, you can use it as a dip for your crackers e.t.c.



Final thoughts

At the end of the day it all boils down to which of the three yogurts you are willing to choose to attain good heart health.

All the above yogurts match the three heart health diets I talked about on my previous article which means they are the best options for our heart.

More than anything yogurt is super easy to be put in any of your meals as long as you are creative.

I hope you enjoyed my article of knowing the heart health yogurt. I would love to hear your opinions of this topic on the comment box below.







  • Jennifer

    I love both the greek and the regular kinds of yogurt although never tried the non dairy. Do you know what they use to replace the milk? I know a lot of people will steer clear of the greek because of the higher fat content but I always tell them to enjoy it in moderation. I think that’s the key to most things in life. Besides, (like you suggested) greek yogurt is so amazing in Mediterranean cuisine. I can’t imagine not using it in my cooking!

    • Thabo

      Yeah Greek yogurt is a great superfood for the heart, but I enjoy non-dairy as from last year when I started eating vegan food.
      That is great advice advice for the fat but people should go for non-fat or low fat yogurt always

  • David

    Great article and i will be taking this information and putting it more in my diet had recent blood work done and cholesterol levels were high so this was a right on time article.
    Thank You,

    • Thabo

      Hi David

      I am glad you had your blood test done as health check ups are vital for healthy living. Sorry to here about your high cholesterol levels, but with the right foods on my website you can be able to lower this level pretty easily.

      All the best

  • Lester

    Hey, what an interesting article on yogurt. I have always liked yogurt, but I prefer probiotic yogurt.
    My favourite snack is fresh strawberries with yogurt, delicious. You have a nice picture of that on your webpage.
    But I didn’t know it was good for our hearts.
    Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Thabo

      Hey Lester

      Great to hear you love the same yogurt that I love (yogurt and strawberry)
      It is indeed very heart healthy an easy to consume within your meals.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Rick


    Great article. I used to eat yogurt – the bad kind with the fruit at the bottom – but don’t care for it that much any more. However, I have a sister who has been in the hospital for nearly three months due to poor eating choices, and it’s been a wake-up call for me. My wife likes the Greek yogurt, but for some reason I have trouble with it’s thickness. I’m going to try it with fruit as you recommend. I know it will be better for me than those small chocolate candy bar bites.

    In my area there’s a Mediterranean restaurant that has a yogurt/cucumber dip on its salad bar. I love it but I’m sure the pita bread I dip in it isn’t good for me. But what are your thoughts on the yogurt/cucumber dip?

    Best Regards,


    • Thabo

      Yeah the yogurt with fruits at the bottom is very unhealthy indeed and I am glad you recognized that early.
      Adding fruit is a natural and healthy option to add to your yogurt especially if you want it to be heart healthy.

      If you do choose yogurt cucumber dip make sure it is at least low fat so that it will be a better health option.
      Great response

  • Melinda

    I love yogurt, but many of the benefits are lost with commercially produced yogurts. I found kefir to be a great way to get probiotics. It can easily be made at home with less effort than homemade yogurt. It also has more probiotics and can be made with coconut milk for vegetarians.

    • Thabo

      Hey Melinda

      Thank you for giving more yogurt healthy ideas. I will definitely check Kefir for myself too especially since it can be made at home. That is great for a heart healthy option.

  • Roopesh

    Hi Thabo
    After having read your article, I realized how much I underestimated the power of Yogurts.

    In fact just the other day, my wife was talking about something called ‘coconut’ Yogurt. I thought that she was crazy. Here in your article, you mentioned that non-dairy yogurt is a good alternative and I think that I am going to give it a try.

    My mum’s side of the family has a history of cardiac diseases. I want to start taking care of my heart. Your article is one that I think every single person on this planet should read.

    Thanks for an awesome article.

    • Thabo

      Thanx for the great testimony. Indeed no dairy products are the best for heart disease.

      I am glad this article could assist you in eating healthy.

      Please let me know how it goes with the non-dairy yoghurt

  • William Cloete

    Hi Thabo

    Thanks for a great article. It is really very informative. My wife is very much on this yogurt thing – the regular eating of it. She is specifically fond of the original yogurt. As a result, I am in it as well, without knowing that it is specifically good for my heart. A recent test indicates very positive health results. Now that I know it is specifically good for my heart, there is no way that I will stop it. I like the way you walked me through the article. Thank you once again for this great article.

    All the best


    • Thabo

      Wow William I am happy to hear that your wife showed great health results after eating the original yogurt.
      Indeed the studies do back this all up. My favorite is the non-dairy since I am 50% vegan.
      Yes people do not know that yogurt can be a healthy option.

  • Isabel

    Greek yogurt was my fave until I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, and I do miss the tangy creaminess of it… I’m not much of a sweet tooth and I used to like it savory, with salt, cracked black pepper and a dash of powdered cumin and celery. It’s also delicious seasoned and mixed with goats cheese as a dip. Dribbling badly now, let me stop there! 😉

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