High blood pressure exercise program review-Finally the truth discovered

the high blood pressure exercise program review

A HUGE welcome to my high blood pressure exercise program review. I will be looking deep into the High Blood Pressure Program-Blue Heron Health News.

If you have been following my site you will know the dangers of having high blood pressure.

This condition is a type of heart disease so you can imagine how critical it is to your life in terms of curing it.

This is because high blood pressure has the power to ultimately leave you with a heart disease or even worse…a heart attack.high blood pressure exercise program review

Having said that high blood pressure has the power to end your life at the blink of an eye so if you do not take care of it it will basically take care of you.

There are many drugs or foods that we can use to get rid of this awful condition, but as you may know the use of drugs in your body can ultimately damage your body organs and eventually your whole body.

If you have read my story you will know that I believe in using natural remedies to take care of my heart and body ever since I had clogged heart arteries in 2010.

Check my story here

It is for this reason that I decided to review the High Blood Pressure Program-Blue Heron Health News for those of you looking to see if it is a legit natural program.

So why am I writing this review for you?

  • I have had to learn to use natural remedies to unclog my heart arteries in 2010 ( Check out my story here).
  • I review only heart related program and products for myself and others so they do not end up being scammed.
  • I am very unbiased because I use most of the products or programs I review, so I need to help myself.
  • I nearly lost my life due to following conventional methods (even from doctors) so I write and put all the facts about a product.
  • I spend weeks doing in depth research even if it means calling the producers of these programs I review.

What will I cover in this review?

  • What the high blood pressure program is about.
  • What does the program work.
  • What I like about the program.
  • What I hate about the program.

Now that you have a bit of an idea about who I am about and what I intend to do on this article then let’s commence shall we?

did you just hear a yes?..well then let’s start….cominciamo

High Blood Pressure Program-Blue Heron Health News overview

High blood pressure exercise program review

The high blood pressure program is a program designed to decrease high blood pressure. That is the basic essence of this program.

This program takes on a natural approach in combating these condition which makes it unique.

Who is behind this program?

The founder of the high blood pressure program-Blue heron health news is Christian Goodwill.

Christian Goodman is from Iceland and he is a health expert who focuses on using natural methods to cure different illnesses.

The reason I say he is a health expert is because he is a therapist himself and has written many health books and articles which aim to help people with their illnesses using natural strategies.

After being a victim himself of high blood pressure he became obsessed about finding ways to lower his high blood pressure using mainly diets.

Although this approach only helped many people it did not help him. So this compelled him to find other ways.

After doing loads of research he reports that he finally stumbled upon information that helped changed his life and lower his high blood pressure.

He has developed this program as part of that research and since high blood pressure is amongst the number one killer when it comes to chronic disease followed by diabetes and cancer he decided to share the program with others too.

There is a video that talks about this whole program and gives a small overview of what is entailed if you use it. If you have not watched it you can check it out <here>



How does the high blood pressure exercise program work?

At the core of this of it all this program focuses on using three exercises to help cure high blood pressure.

The exercises are clearly written on the e book in a systematic way for any Tom, Dick and Harry to follow…..well and you too.

The author or founder of this program says that it aims to connect the body to the mind so that you will be able to make them work well in decreasing blood pressure.

Conventional methods like drugs which are recommended by doctors tend to focus on the problem at a surface level which is why people end up having high blood pressure for long.

The high blood pressure exercise program does exactly the opposite by only giving you information in an e book which they say is well researched.

When you purchase the e book for the high blood pressure exercise program you will see that there are three exercises which aim to do the job.

The book also has foods that is recommended for helping you to reduce your high blood pressure levels.

The program explains and takes you step by step of what ways will help you.


So what do you get when you invest in this program?high blood pressure exercise program review

I will talk about the tools you get and also highlight briefly what you will get within the program.

Here are the tools you can expect to get:

  • E book

With this program you will get an e book which has 13 pages.

  • Audio

You also get an audio to facilitate the e book for better understanding.


So now let’s see a brief overview of what the content you will be getting from the e book

This is mainly the exercises that you will be using to lower your high blood pressure:

  • Exercises 1: Walking in a rhythm

This part talks about the using either walking or sitting to exercise. It works with the mind and body so that it becomes effective.

I cannot give you the full information as you will have to purchase it out so you can check but it is mainly a rhythm exercise that incorporates your body and mind.

  • Exercise 2: The emotions releasehigh blood pressure exercise program review

This exercise is mainly a stress releasing exercise because it focuses on deep breathing and more. The aim for this part is for your blood pressure to be lowered by your body being free of any tension.

  • Exercises 3: Relaxing step by step

This part mostly focused on helping you with learning to relax more especially at night before sleep.


What I like about the program

high blood pressure exercise program review

This program has many benefits that you will derive by using it that stood out to me.

  • The program is well detailed

It is easy to read the e book and follow it because it guides you well even before it starts talking about the exercises.

It even gives you the best ways to make the program give you better results.

  • Versatile health program

The program helps you relax your body and mind and while helping you have great overall health.

  • Diet is also included
    high blood pressure exercise program review
  • The exercises well explained and outlined with supporting tools

If you are one of those people who are lazy to read and understand instructions this program will definitely help you out in this regard.

This is possible by the supporting tools you have on top of the e book; you get an audio to help you in better understanding of the material.

  • Restoring damaged arteries

The great thing I loved about this program is that it helps restore damaged heart arteries caused by clogged heart arteries or blood sugar levels.


  • 60 money back guarantee

high blood pressure exercise program review

This like many reputable companies shows the confidence the producers have for the program. This is basically them give you a risk-free way to use the product to check it and see if it works for you.

What I do not like about the program

high blood pressure exercise program review

Like anything in life it has its negatives so here are the aspects that did not connect well with me for this program:

  • False promise of quick results

I do not like that the program promises to give you results at a very short time.the high blood pressure exercise program review

I know from my experience that anything with health can take some months or years at worst.

Imagine you have had high blood pressure for years and you are told it can vanish in a week. I do not dispute that it is impossible but realistically majority of people may not achieve this.

  • Video is long

The video can be very long but very informational. A person can get very impatient listening to this video, but this can worth your while if you listen to learn.


The verdict

This is the part many of you may have been waiting for. My final recommendation about the high blood pressure exercises program.

As I said I am unbiased when reviewing any program or product because I hate scams and scammers.

In my opinion this program cannot be used by people who want results in a few weeks unfortunalty (i know as sad as it sounds).

This is because the program itself works on a long term basis and more than that it requires hard work and I mean HARD HARD AND HARD WORK…

The reason most people end up not getting the results they want is because they tend to believe the program when it says you will get results very fast, but to burst your bubble I would like to say that it will not happen like that at least for most people.

I would recommend you purchase the High blood pressure exercise program and see it for yourself that it will work over few weeks to a month.

I hope you enjoyed my high blood pressure exercise program review and I would like to hear any opinions on the comments section below.




  • Stephen Crossley

    What a very informative review. It’s a shame the product doesn’t do what it says on the box, a bit of a let down for those in a hurry. Also the fact you have to work as hard as you say in your review, unhealthy people tend to avoid hard work more so if you have bad blood pressure.
    I think cholesterol control would also be a determining factor in controlling blood pressure as this thickens the artery walls which are the blood canals.

    • Thabo

      Hey Stephen

      Yes this program is not for the lazy unfortunately but it works with time.
      Yes you are right about the cholesterol it does impact a person in terms of high blood pressure,thank you for pointing this out

  • Nelisiwe

    Thank you for sharing your review, I enjoyed reading it. I do not have high blood pressure myself but I have relatives who do and I would recommend this program to them. And This information is very useful to me because I also like using natural remedies.

    • Thabo

      I am glad this article was very informative to you and your family. It is good to get your relatives to give this a try so they will see for themselves the results of decreased high blood pressure. This will help them not to have heart disease.

  • Charlene Muir

    I think that this program can work along side other things like medicine and diet. when one is diagnose with high blood pressure there are a number of factors to take into consideration age, race, weight and genetic factors .while this artcle is informative the product should be used with caution

    • Thabo

      hey Charlene

      Thanx for your input. The aim of the program is to make people do away with the side effects of medicine. I can testify that the I hardly use medicine and I definitely am doing very well and I cured my clogged heart arteries in this regard.

  • Jen

    Thank you for such a detailed and honest review! Super helpful when deciding whether or not to put the time and energy into a specific program targeting high blood pressure.

  • Andrew

    Hi, Thabo. Many thanks for the information. I like that you prefer to use natural methods and remedies to heal our bodies and minds. Unfortunately, there are too many people dying due to mis-prescribed medicines these days but I have not heard of anyone ever dying from natural remedies. For most people, it has taken many years of self-abuse to get them in a state of dis-ease. Why do they expect a quick cure? You are right when you say that the best remedies take time to heal the body and mind properly.
    Many thanks,

  • Holly

    Thank you for taking the time to discuss this honestly and in detail–both my parents suffer from high blood pressure and sometimes it’s hard to get good info about it. I also like that you discuss natural remedies! Meds certainly are needed and have their place, but many people need to do more than just take meds.

    • Thabo

      I am sorry to hear that about your parents.
      Yes natural remedies are a great way to good health for most people and this high blood pressure exercise program does just that

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