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How to start a diet-Learn how you can stick to your health goals

Diets have becoming a household brand these days because of many diseases that we face like heart disease, cancer and to start a diet

With heart disease being the leading cause of death, it is no surprise why more and more people are looking to diet.

What is more important that having a diet is doing it the right way, this is similar to having car.

You may have a Ferrari in your backyard, but if you do not have the right skills to drive it that would be similar than you not having it.

This is the shortfall with most diets these days; People change from one diet to the next expecting different results ,but they neglect the fact it is not so much the diet that causes you to fail, it is mainly the person using the diet.

I have been involved in different diets throughout my life due to many heart health issues and I have been able to master the skills for dieting and now would like to assist others who may be struggling.

In this article I will be walking you through my personal experience of how to start a diet and be able to stick to it to the end where you achieve your goal.

Diet purpose

Have you ever asked yourself this question before even starting a diet?

Well if you haven’t that is probably the first thing you are missing when it comes to finishing your diet goals,

I will explain what the purpose of a diet and why it relates to your health.

let’s get started

Find your current position

Before you ever decide on going anywhere with your diet goals you need to first establish where you are and what your actual problems are.

Some people may have weight problems which they need to fix, while other people may be wanting to go on a diet because of managing diabetes while others are looking to prevent heart disease.

People are different and so they may have different objects they want from diets.

Once you establish where you are,  it will be a great start since it will help you with the reason why you need to follow through with your diet.

This is similar to when a pilot is looking to go to a particular destination: When a pilot is embarking on a journey their coordinate system has to find out where their current position is.

Knowing the pilot’s current position is needed to calculate their time and other aspects for their destination. Without this information for the GPS or whatever coordinate system it is being used, to help the pilot for arriving at the desired destination, will not be able to help them locate their destination.

This is one of the most crucial step people who embark on diets tend to miss because 90% of them start on step 2 (set your goal target)

Set your goal target

Once you have established where you are or what your problem is that needs you to diet it is now safe to choose the diet that will fit that and how to start a dietaim for a target with your specific diet.

When you are setting your target it is worth writing down that target on a piece of paper. (This is very important)

Most people take the writing down of a goal for granted, but in fact it plays a huge role in your goal because of many reasons.

The following are the reasons that you can derive from doing this exercise:

  • Helps keep you accountable.
  • Gives you something to look forward to so you can reach your goal.
  • Develops self-descipline.

Different diets that you may have to choose from can be as follows (ut not limited to these):

Map your plan of action

Now that you know what type of diet you want that will get you the results that you want,it is vital to now map out how you will execute this.

What does mapping your plan of action actually mean?

Well this basically means you need to set daily and weekly targets that are related to how you will accomplish your goal.

Mapping includes the following:

  • Whether you will aim for weekly or monthly action plans?
  • How you will evade the negative people who will criticize you on your diet?
  • Are you gonna focus more on exercising or diet?
  • How will you measure your growth?

You will notice that mapping is basically asking yourself questions. This is because in order to map your journey you need to ensure that your WHY part of your goal is known.

How to start a diet is alll about addressing this important issues beforehand.

Find the right system to follow

Now that you have set your mapping journey (your incremental goals you would like to achieve daily or weekly) it is now important to follow the right system. Let me first explain what a system is and why you need it.

A system is basically a procedure that will make it easy for you to follow through (basically what will create a habit for you to flow through).

Why do you need a system?

You need a system because it is human nature to end up now following through with your goals on a daily or weekly basis.

To illustrate this, let’s look at a car.

A car as a whole is a component made up of systems which are:

  • Engine
  • Charging system
  • Cooling system
  • Brakes
  • Ignition system
  • Wheel alignment styem
  • Hybrid Power System

All of these systems is what a car is, When we see the car and its movement we often forget that it wouldn’t function without a system which operating on its own.

If a car never had these systems it would be really hard to move around with it.

Your diet is just the same, Think of your diet as a car, it will not work until you have put all the systems into it.

Find the right environment

This is by far the number one killer of any diet. The environment you are exposed to influences whether you will stick to this diet until completion.

So what do I mean by the environment?

I mean the people who you surround you daily while you are implementing your diet, the place you are in (whether it allows you to have more healthy choices or your diet’s choices)

I know when I was following a vegetarian diet in 2010 how hard the environment at home was. Everyone was eating meat and it seemed like I was missing out because I was not eating meat, but it only got better when they started to understand my condition.

The other aspect was having to deal with being a loner in parties since I was not eating meat. I must admit at the beginning that made me cheat on my diet and ended up going back to my getting chest pains. I realized then why the environment is vital if I wanted to make a huge change.

What is the right environment for you?

The right environment for you is that one which the people you interact with are following the same lifestyle diet. For an example if you are vegetarian you are better off hanging out more often with people of the same kind.

This one aspect made a huge difference in my heart health. This was because not only because that they gave me a supportive mindset but they were instrumental in giving me options of foods to eat.

This is what happens when you surround yourself with people who are in the same mission as you.

So starting from today start choosing the right environment for your diet.

Work harder everyday

This one goes without saying….

In all your goals if you never work hard you will never reach your goals. The problem that most people face with working hard is that they think they have worked hard enough so they deserve the rewards of a great body or healthy heart.


In life, it doesn’t work like that because you can not guarantee that if you put this hard work over your ‘prefered” time of working hard that you will achieve you goal.




Final thoughts

A diet is more of an exercise that you need to follow consistently. Most diets fail because of people not knowing the precise systems to follow and mainly their environment.

If a person lesson to follow these two concepts (systems and environment) and learn to plan before undertaking any diet than it will be very easy to follow up on and complete their diet and thus reaping the benefits they are looking for.

I hope this article of how to start a diet was helpful in giving you all the necessary tools for completing your diet.




  • Jill du Preez

    Hi Thabo, This was such great advice and I will get busy with my plan. I should not have any excuses as don’t have to cook for anyone else.
    Have decided to go with the Mediterranean Diet as that is what really appeals to me.
    Will keep a record of when I begin and weight loss. Will be interesting.
    Thank you.

  • Linsey Thornton

    Nice article, I agree that many people fail because they don’t know the precise systems to follow, or haven’t educated themselves enough to understand the diets. I love the idea of making a mind map, it’s a great thing to look at when your losing focus and motivation, but also to guide you step by step.

    • Thabo

      Hey Linsey

      Indeed a mind map can help people in helping people stay focused in their diet. This is what helped me to stay on course.
      I am glad you enjoyed the article

  • Scotso

    Hey great article! Very informative and educational, love the ideas and suggestions, page layout, visuals are right on the mark! Would definitely return to your site for more info and advice!

    • Thabo

      I am very glad you found this article very informative as well as the website itself. I will sure be uploading more information for keeping your heart healthy

  • David

    Fantastic article. I was searching the web for a diet plan and came across your article, and happy I did. I was recently put on cholesterol medication and realized it was time to change my eating habits. Your well written article made me see dieting in a whole new light and I am going to set a plan of action as you shared.
    Never thought about your environment as a factor and will definitely make sure I always keep that in mind.
    Thank you so much for the great tips.

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