Is red wine good for the heart- The big question answered

Have you ever been invited to a party and when you arrive there you meet people walking with red liquid glasses?is red wine good for the heart

Well if you are living on planet earth I am sure that you have, at one moment or another, had this experience.

This famous liquid is called red wine and has been used for many centuries in dinner parties, work functions, family gatherings etc.

But have you ever asked yourself whether this famous red liquid is healthy or more importantly good for your heart?

In this article I will be this question but more importantly I will be answering this question :is red wine good for the heart?”

What is red wine?

is red wine good for the heart

Red wine comes from ancient times were people of high standing (monarchies) drank it more than regular people.

At the time it was believed that the red wine made these monarchies have a longer lifespan compared to the public.

This belief was concluded from the observations done by the ancient people and no research had been done.

However, in the modern society research has been done and guess what?

The research proves that this red liquid does help increase the lifespan of humans.

The results of increased lifespan is that the red wine is filled with antioxidants which help with making the heart healthier.

This research, however specifies that the benefits of red wine can only be derived when the red wine is drank in moderation.

This means over indulging of red wine can in fact cause no benefits to heart health.

The research does not only say that red wine is good for the heart but red wine is also helpful in the protection against certain cancer and improve mental health.

Red wine and heart health

So how does red wine help the heart?

As I mentioned above red wine has antioxidants for improving heart health.is red wine good for heart health

The main component of red wine that is essential is the compound called Resveratrol which is a compound found in plants which serves to fight off fungi and to protect the plant from Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation.

For this reason the sources of resveratrol is fruits like blueberries, peanuts and cranberries.

These fruits and foods are well-known for boosting heart health. This is evidence of how powerful resveratrol is for improving heart health.

Since this compound is in red wine and red wine is one of the most common heart healthy drinks then it is no surprise why red wine is considered good for the heart.

It is also a great idea to make your own drink at home so that you can choose the most heart healthy ingredients of your choice.

Using a great blender is however the most critical component of this since you need to make a smooth drink.

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Advantages of red wine

Let us dive into the great benefits of consuming red wine.

  • Cardiovascular disease prevention

As we have talked about the good heart health benefits of red wine it is vital to know that adding this drink in your meals in moderation can drastically reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, which is a very popular disease worldwide.

  • Increasing levels of omega 3 fatty acids

Research has found that the moderate consumption of red wine will increase the blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids.

Although it is better to get the proper source of omega 3 fatty acids from fish or supplements like flaxseeds oil or flaxseed capsules, drinking red wine can be of great assistance for increasing the levels.


  • Protection of vision loss

is red wine good for the heart

Research done in 2010 has shown that drinking red wine can help the eye blood vessels to not grow out of control which is what causes blindness.

Drinking red wine has been shown to help normal people get their vision to its normal state.

  • Prevention of breast cancer

is red wine good for the heart

Any alcohol has the effect of increasing estrogen levels in women which ends up causing cancer disease like breast cancer.

However, with red wine the estrogen levels are decreased and the testosterone increased all thanx to the skin of the red grape.

  • Colon Cancer prevention

Since red wine has the effect of decreasing the cancer due to its testosterone it also does the same effect to the colon cancer as it does in the breast cancer.

Other cancers that the red wine fights off.

  • Lung cancer Prevention
  • Prostate cancer prevention


Disadvantages of red wine

As much as the red wine may have these great benefits it is also vital to watch out for the negatives it might have for the body should it be drank excessively.

Let’s look at these effects:

  • Addiction

is red wine good for the heart

Let’s remember that red wine is still alcohol. We all know the addiction many people have for alcohol, even our closest friends might be experiencing this.

Red wine will have the same effect if drank regularly.

  • Depression

As with all alcohol the consumption of excessive red wine will lead to the irregular or imbalance of your body hormones.

This is while any alcohol causes damage after high consumption.

The sweet flavor in red wine will also cause the blood sugar levels to be irregular.

  • Other cancers

Although red wine helps to cure a good deal of cancer disease but it is vital to know that this only applies if you drink alcohol in moderation.

Over drinking red wine will cause the reverse effects to happen because the compounds in red wine will be overloaded in the body cells which end up causing an excess of compounds which can damage the body.

  • Fatty liver

As I mentioned above the excess compounds that you drink have to end up somewhere right?

and where is this?

You guessed it…the liver.

This will not only contaminate your live but it will make it fatty and damage it over a long time.

Final thoughts

Red wine is a very beneficial liquid to your heart and on top of that you can derive many other benefits to your body as a whole.

Red wine, coming from grapes, is filled with antioxidants that will help the body fight the most chronic disease.

The key aspect for making red wine good for your heart and body is that you need to drink it in small moderation.

This will give your heart great benefits since the small amounts of compounds will work well in your heart arteries or blood vessels.

On the other hand if you decide to drink high amounts of red wine you will cause negative effects in your body like unwanted disease.

I hope you enjoyed this article I wrote answering this question: is red wine good for the heart. If you have any comments or questions you need to ask me you are more than welcome to ask me in the comment section.






  • Nicole

    Thanks for the breakdown. I’m not much of an alcohol person, but I have considered trying out wine. If I do, I’ll probably go for red now that I know it’s benefits.

  • Furkan

    I like that it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. You recommend that adding it in moderation. However I do a lot of activities and do bodybuilding. Should I consume it more?

  • Sydney

    I knew it was good for the heart in moderation but I didn’t know about the other positive effects, especially about the eyes! Thanks for sharing and I’ll feel even better about having my glass of red.

  • Marian Florinel Condruz

    Great news!!! Thanks for letting me know that I am not drinking for nothing
    My wife will not be very happy, but yeah! Fights cancer, better vision, good for heart…
    But about the quantity… It’s a pity that exaggerating is not also good
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I already new it is healthy, but now I know why

  • Marian Florinel Condruz

    Great news!!! Thanks for letting me know that I am not drinking for nothing
    My wife will not be very happy, but yeah! Fights cancer, better vision, good for heart…
    But about the quantity… It’s a pity that exaggerating is not also good
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I already knew it is healthy, but now I know why

  • Matts Mom

    I have always heard red wine is good for you. Even when I was pregnant, my doctor mentioned a glass a day was actually helpful. I am not a huge drinker period, but I do like a good glass of wine. I am curious what amount you should drink to feel the benefits? Would it still be a glass a day? Would that be considered moderation?

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