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is the E-cigarette becoming a cue for smoking addition?

A recent study in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) recently revealed a link to the E-cigarette in decreasing the smoking rates in England.

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The following is a passage from the BMJ about the E-cigarette:
“There has been concern that the increase in population use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) could be undermining quitting activities. If this is true, then e-cigarettes could have a negative effect on public health, even if they might increase the chances of success for an individual smoker using them in a given quit attempt. England is a country with a relatively liberal regulatory framework for e-cigarettes and has seen a considerable growth in their use. It also has unique time series data to be able to estimate changes over time in key quitting activities as a function of changes in prevalence of e-cigarette use while adjusting for other potential confounding variables. This study used data from England to address the concerns that have been raised.

One source of concern about the potential impact of e-cigarettes on quitting activity arises from a fall in the use of licensed treatments and behavioural support programmes in England to stop smoking. This may be a result of smokers using e-cigarettes instead. However, the decrease could also be due to other factors or a secular trend unconnected to the rise in e-cigarette use. In a related study, we found that the increase in population rates of e-cigarette use while smoking was probably not responsible for a decline in use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for smoking reduction.”
From this passage it is clear the E-ciggarrete antidote is still unclear as many factors still are variables which haven’t been dealt with. This passage also points out that the E-ciggarrette is likely to increase in England due to their regulations that are put in place prevent natural activities to support addicts.
To read the full research about the E-cigarette click here

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