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Natural remedies for lowering cholesterol- Stop killing your body

Heart disease are developing every single day and it is the sad truth that the numbers will increase even more in the future as our society is getting more modernized and technologically focused.natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

I have said on my previous post about the staggering number of deaths this disease causes and how it’s affects to causing other chronic illnesses like diabetes. You can check it out here about how these two deadly disease are linked.

There are many drugs that we are given to lower cholesterol daily but those same drugs can end up doing more harm than good.

In my case I had bad experience when I used aspirins (in 2010), which was recommended to me by a doctor, whereby it gave me a side effect of thinning my blood vessels.

After that experience and a lot of trial and error I was able to find many natural remedies for lowering cholesterol.

When I say natural remedies I am talking about remedies I have used which have actually WORKED, because the internet is filled with many remedies which end up not working.

So I will do my best to walk you through these aspects.

It all depends on you

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

The first step you need to understand is that you are the only person who can actually make all these tips work.

On one of my previous articles I talked about how to start a diet and stick to it until the end.

Here I talked about how ANY person can use the system to follow any diet they want and actually succeed in it.

At the end of the day I can give you all the skills to tackle the lowering of your cholesterol,but if you are not true to these principles they may take longer to work for you or and up not working at all.

So the first step is to get real with yourself and tell yourself you will stick to these remedies for at least a good 2 months and then wait for the results to show.

Bear in mind that to some people the cholesterol levels may drop earlier than 2 months while for others it may be slightly more.

The good thing about this information I am giving you is that it does not require you to be so strict because I still do recommend eating snacks although the snacks I recommend are heart healthy snacks which are still tasty like conventional unhealthy snacks.


natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

Fish is part of a Mediterranean diet which is highly recommended for living a heart healthy life where you require to lower your cholesterol.

If you prefer to not change your diet to a Mediterranean one then adding more fish in your meals will be of great benefit to lowering your cholesterol.

Fish is filled with high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which are good for lowering your bad cholesterol levels called Low Density lipoprotein (LDL) and increasing your good cholesterol which are called High-Density lipoprotein(HDL).

Generally any fish is good but I tend to focus on salmon and tuna as they have the most high omega 3 fatty acids.

The best thing about tuna is that comes ready to be eaten so it is an easy and convenient option for those who are busy.

For ways to make or prepare tuna fish easily you can check out my article here.

Heart healthy diets

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

You have heard it being said that a diet is very important for your health..well yes that is true but what they normally do not tell you is that not only should you have a diet you follow, but you should focus on a strictly heart healthy diet.

Why do I say this?

How else will you decrease your cholesterol or low heart disease if you follow all diets that say you will lose weight or just substitute certain foods in your normal diet.

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol
Vegan diet

I can say from personal experience and I am sure with yours as well that all those diets do not work to lower cholesterol.

This is where I was able to find the link back when I had clogged heart arteries. All the diets I tried did not work.

Only three diets worked to solve this problem and these diets are a mediterranean, vegetarian and vegan diet.

These diets I call my go to when it comes to lowering or unclogging heart arteries specifically the Mediterranean and the vegan diet.

I wrote a review about how all these three diets worked for me and you can check out here.


Heart healthy drinks

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

While you are focusing on your cholesterol lowering diets make sure you include drinks that will align with lowering your cholesterol levels.

You can check out my heart healthy drinks article which has all the drinks I recommend for keeping your heart healthy which will intern lower your bad cholesterol levels and increase the good cholesterol levels.



natural remedies to lower cholesterol

Garlic is a very powerful vegetable when it comes to giving you health benefits and it has more heart health benefits than many other vegetables.

I have written about the heart health benefits of garlic and there I have gone more into details about its benefits.

How the heck do I consume this garlic?

You may be asking yourself how do you consume garlic so that it gives you these heart health benefits….

…. Well I will tell you what I do and have been doing for many years…

The two best ways I consume garlic is by adding it in my cooking or swallowing a small piece of the garlic clove.

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol
Cooking with garlic

These are the ways I have been using and I find that the best way for me was swallowing the garlic piece weekly.

This method has become a habit for me and through this it has helped me get protected by flu in the cold seasons.

So I do recommend you make it a habit by cutting a small piece of the garlic clove and swallowing it at the beginning of the week (Monday or Tuesday).

Over the course of a few months the results will speak for themselves after which it will become a habit which will keep your cholesterol very low (the bad ones of course).

The main reason for the garlic lowering cholesterol is that it acts to thin the blood vessels, clean the blood vessels off the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which intern makes your blood vessels very strong.

The thing with garlic is that it serves the same function as an aspirin but the difference is that the garlic is less harsh to the blood vessels and does the process of thinning the blood vessels or heart arteries in a natural way.



We have all heard this aspect when it comes to lowering cholesterol but as cliche as it may seem this is the most important aspect of lowering cholesterol.

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

We as human were born to be physically active and that is why exercising is always and will always be recommended.

The hard thing about exercising is that it can be very hard to do. Yes even for a young athletic adult like me.

This is why I compiled an article that will help anyone be able to do exercise at least once a day. You can check out the article over here.

Why do we need to exercise anyway?

The purpose of exercise when lowering your cholesterol is to keep your blood flowing at all times.

This can only be done by your heart pumping strongly and the only way your heart can pump strongly is if you train it.

Remember that your heart is a muscle at the end of the day so just like any other muscle in your body if it is not exercised it will not develop and be strong.

Have you ever asked yourself why old people tend to have more heart disease…well it all boil downs to the strength of your muscles, old people tend to not move a lot so they get prone to heart disease or high cholesterol (HDL)levels.

This is the reason exercise should be part of your cholesterol lowering journey.

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

Heart healthy snacks

Most people end up neglecting the power that snacks have when it comes to affecting your cholesterol levels.

80% of our time we spend snacking

let’s be honest with ourselves…. we are all guilty of eating snacks and some of us even get distracted by them when trying to diet.

In general 80% of our time we spend snacking so why not focus on eating heart healthy snacks that will work to lower the cholesterol levels more.

You may be wondering if such snacks do exists or not…well I am here to tell you that they do exist and I have done an article about them.

Your can check them out on this heart healthy snacks ideas article to see what options you have.

All these snacks are focused on lowering your cholesterol and also making your heart healthy.

The reason you want to add snacks is that the sooner your learn to eat the heart healthy snacks the soon you will lower your cholesterol naturally and the better your general heart health will be.

Flaxseed oil

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

If you have been following my page you will know how many times I have been talking about and recommending flaxseed oils or flaxseed oil capsules.

Flaxseeds is basically a super food (seed) that comes from flaxseed plant. This seed is powerful in giving the body overall good health from hair, heart and skin.

For more details about what flaxseed oil is you can read my health benefits of flaxseed oil capsules.

Flaxseed oils act as super supplement which specifically targets the cleaning of heart arteries.

The good thing with flaxseed oil is that you can either take it in a supplement form daily or you can put it in your food.

You can read the options you have when you want to use it in your food in this article, I have done a review of flaxseed oil options.

If you prefer using supplements instead of oils then you can check the flaxseed oil capsule article.


Fruits and nuts

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol
Fruits and nuts

This natural remedies for lowering cholesterol would not be complete without talking about these power foods.

Over the years fruit and nuts have been recommended for heart health and sadly the society tends to not follow this advice religiously.

Not only are fruits and nuts good for your heart,but they are easy to pack in your lunch box so you can munch on them when you feel like eating something.natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

The best thing about the fruits and nuts is the high amount of fiber that is packed in these foods.

This will make you get fuller for longer so that you will end up not eating junk throughout the day.

This process ends up giving your heart good cholesterol (HDL) while decreasing the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Quit smoking

natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

The bad habit of smoking has a lot of danger to your heart since it is a culprit in increasing your cholesterol levels by polluting your blood vessels.

Smoking doesn’t only effect your cholesterol but it affects your lungs as well.

It is important to know that the sooner you get rid of smoking the better your heart arteries will start recovering.

This will mean the sooner your cholesterol levels will drop.

If you are having trouble with quitting there are many places on the internet you can find help from.


Final thoughts

Lowering your cholesterol can be very easy as long as your follow these natural remedies above.

I recommend you follow at least three of these natural remedies and see the results after a few months.

Ofcourse the better you use all these natural remedies for lowering cholesterol the better and faster you will achieve your results of having lower cholesterol.

I hope you enjoyed this article of natural remedies for lowering cholesterol levels. I would be happy to hear your comments on the comments section below.




  • Jaywhon Herron

    This is a great article. I have been trying to live a better life since my grand daughter was born. My wife has started me on eating healthier and cutting out on my pop. I have also been eating more fruit. So this one hits home when I read it! Thanks for the educational article. I look forward to your future ones

    • Thabo

      Hey Jaywhon

      Your wife is doing a great job for your health..keep it up.
      I am glad this article was helpful to you.
      I will be posting more heart healthy aticles

  • Ian

    Great tips on lowering bad cholesterol levels. The Flaxseed Oil is something new to me. I never knew that this could help in lowering cholesterol levels. I checked out your article about Flaxseed Oil Capsules and it seems that flaxseed also contains Omega 3. My family regularly consume fish on a weekly basis like Salmon. Would you recommend to also take flaxseed at the same time? Great article! Thanks!

    • Thabo

      Thank you for reading my article and finding it helpful.
      Your family is doing a great principle for getting their heart healthy.
      Yes I highly recommend that you use flaxseed oil capsules daily even if you are consuming fish at the same time.
      In fact I eat a Mediterranean diet which is full of fish but I take supplements of flaxseed oil capsules.

  • dkohara

    Great article. I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment (need to lose 30lbs), so i’ll be using your tips to help me. I’m 58 now, so need to take care of myself more. I don’t, and never have smoked, so that helps a lot. It all looks like good sense to me, now to implement it to keep me running in peak condition.

  • Dan

    Very interesting and informative review. I dis not know that garlic can lower cholesterol level. I think I cannot eat it raw;)
    When I turned 40s and conducted my annual medical check up, my blood cholesterol, sugar, and uric acid is beyond the normal. What I discover after researching and trying many advices, I found out that lowering your sugar level will also lowers your cholesterol. I used to eat apple and oatmeal and it worked.

  • Dan

    Thank you for this helpful article! I have been trying to keep my cholesterol down, but it is hard! Also I never knew that garlic could help. I am going to try adding garlic to my meals. I am not sure that I could swallow a piece whole!
    Thank you for these tips,

    • Thabo

      Hey Dan
      Sorry to hear about your high cholesterol levels. You mustn’t swallow the whole garlic must cut it in chunks and swallow a small chunk.

      All the best

  • Helen

    I found your post very interesting and I will apply some of the suggestions to my diet. I was always told that oats and porridge are good for lowering cholesterol too. Do you know if this is true?

    • Thabo

      Hey Helen

      Yes it is true about oats and I wrote an article about the heart health benefits of oats in one of my articles.
      As for porridge I am not sure hey.
      Thanx for reading the article

  • Rob

    You have a lot of awesome information here that I also write about on my website about lowering blood sugars the natural ways. You’re so right about having your cholesterol levels normal. And it’s all about the healthy foods you eat and exercising. We all have the power to change our lifestyles and by following your suggestions, people can get back on track and help their bodies get healthier. It’s time for us to make the decision not only about cholesterol but about everything that we can to turn things around.

    • Thabo

      I am glad you also write about health issues related to mine. It is true that we need to take care of our overall health everyday of our lives because we create our destiny

  • Trodvies

    Hi Thabo. I read your article as part of WA’s Give and Take discussion. Thank you for the many pieces of advice that you provide as far as health of the heart is concerned. The article explains each point in a simple way, and provides links in case your reader wants to get more on any of the topics under discussion. Thank you once more, and keep up the hard work.

    • Thabo

      Thank you for reading my article and taking your time to comment because it shows you also are interested in taking care of your health.

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