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Preventing heart disease-Quick tips to save your life

Heart disease is said to be the number one cause of deaths worldwide This comes as no surprise since we are living in an age of fast foods and huge amounts of technology which makes us become very lazy to take care of our bodies.

It is even scarier to know that heart disease are not only affecting old people,but it is also affecting more young people now.Preventing heart disease

This is mainly due to the modern lifestyle that we have nowadays.

There are many factors which lead to anyone having a heart disease. These factors can either be totally controlled while others may be out of your control.

It is worth noting both these factors for an enhanced heart healthy life.

In this article I will be talking about ways of preventing heart disease while considering both these factors:

Uncontrollable factors

Heart disease can be hugely caused by inborn traits that you may have. Although these may seem too hard to bear,but you are better knowing them so that you can be in control of your body or at least you and your doctor may know.

The following are the uncontrollable risk factors:


The older a person gets the more they are prone to developing heart disease. One of the reasons is that of a slow metabolism which you cannot control 100% no matter how much you may exercise or gym. This causes your heart muscles loose a lot of its strength.

Please note that young people are also starting to not be safe when it comes to getting heart disease due to the unhealthy lifestyle changes we live in these days.

Family historyPreventing heart disease

This is another big one that all cardio doctors ask you upon retrieving whether you have a heart disease or not.

If one of your family member had a heart disease,at a young age or at some stage of their life, that will highly put you at a risk for you to have one yourself ( that’s if you do not have one already).


Men tend to have high risk of heart disease compared to women according to Havard Medical School. Research done could understand the full reason for this, but the findings were linked to the female hormones which were instrumental in helping women be less at prone to getting heart disease.

Race or Ethnicity

Some races tend to have high heart disease than others. This according the Harvard Medical School this is due to some other races like (African black Americans) may be from backgrounds were their income is limited which makes it harder for them to get access to healthy food.

Controllable factors

Just because you may have uncontrollable factors contributing to your heart health that doesn’t mean you need to lose all hope.

There are factors that you can use to highly control and even prevent yourself from getting a heart disease.


The following are the controllable factors that you can use to reduce your chances of getting a heart disease:

  • Healthy diet
  • Stop smoking
  • Exercise more
  • Reduce stress
  • Stay hydrated
  • Medical check ups
  • Reduced processed sugar

I will expand on these on the section below

Healthy diet

I am sure you have heard the saying “you are what you eat”. This saying is very true for heart health especially, because all the food you eat Preventing heart diseasewill ultimately affect the heart in one way or the other.

The best practice is to follow heart healthy diets. This will go a long way to keeping heart diseases at bay for possibly ever from your life. Such diets have the potential to even recover a heart condition just like in my case.

The other major contributor to heart disease are snack that we can’t seem to stop eating. Instead of focusing on the conventional snacks (like sweets and potato chips) it is better to focus on heart healthy snacks which do not compromise on the taste as well.

Focusing on heart healthy snacks is one of the best ways to conquer heart disease or prevent it, because snacks are the major meal (or habit to others) that we resort to upon feeling very hungry or if we feel like chewing on something.

This means for an average person their snacks contribute to more than 50% of their food consumption. So why not chew your way to good heart health by choosing heart healthy snacks?

Stop smoking

Smoking has a huge potential of giving you a heart disease. This is due to the nicotine in the cigarette which is responsible for giving you huge amounts of adrenaline which thus causes your heart to pump fast (due to demand of oxygen in your blood to the heart. This process causes high pressure on your heart.

Smoking has the potential of clogging your heart arteries which will likely cause you to have a heart disease or stroke.

Second hand smokers are also not safe from the risk related to smoking according to The British Heart Foundation. This is due to the harmful affect of breathing the smoke from the cigarette.

Exercise more

Preventing heart disease

Lack of exercise has a huge potential for causing harm to your heart. This is because your heart requires a fair amount of exercise daily. These exercise do not have to be rigorous, they can be as simple as walking more in your daily life. You can check the best heart health exercise that I recommend. This exercise does not require huge amounts of effort to carry out and it is very simple.

Reduce stress

Preventing heart disease

Stress is a huge contributor to heart disease. The more you are stressed the more you are exerting blood pressure to your heart.

Stress can make your heart artery wall linings get weaker and start accumulate with blood clots which will eventually cause a heart attack or stroke.

It is especially important to reduce your stress levels when you go to sleep. This is because your body should naturally be relaxing and your heart also getting less pressure.

This is why it is vital to turn off all devices such as TV and smartphones at least 3 hours before you sleep. This will enable you to start getting your body relaxed and ready to sleep and thus making you heart less strained.

National Sleep Foundation states that their is a huge correlation between sleep and heart health.

Medical check ups

Going for medical check ups should be something we all do at least once a month because your body, just like your car, needs your care and Preventing heart diseaseto be taken care of with a service.

The good thing with regular medical check ups is that they can be done by anybody regardless of their age.

When doing your medical check ups you will also get to find out any other risks you have with regard to other disease. This may even save you from a condition which could have gotten you to hospital later on in life.

Remember prevention is better than cure, so make sure you do your check ups so that the doctor can even spot other symptoms you may have of some illness that you never knew you were developing.

Most people do not do their regular check ups due to many things such as being busy or perhaps your lack of affordability, but if you are serious about your heart health and general health you will see the need to do your medical check ups.

As a side note medical checks are very less expensive compared to how much they could save you by when you really need to treat an illness.

The most important medical check-ups for heart health are blood pressure test and blood test. There are many others you can take, these are just the basic ones.


Stay hydratedPreventing heart disease

Most people do not know that water has a huge impact on heart health. Water is a great source of reducing the blood pressure in your body. This then helps reduce the stress in the heart.

There are other liquids you can focus on which not only help you get hydrated but give you benefits for keeping your heart healthier as they are filled with antioxidants which prevent heart disease.

These heart healthy drinks are what can assist you with hydration should you be one of those people who forgets to consume their daily consumption of water.


Reduce sugar

Preventing heart disease

Blood sugar has a huge affect on your heart health, we know this by the affect diabetes has in giving you more risk to having heart related disease.

According to the National Institution of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidneys disease having diabetes damages your heart arteries over time. The institution also says that people with diabetes tend to develop heart disease earlier in their lives than people who do not have it.

This is one it is vital to watch your sugar levels. A good suggestion would be to substitute your sweets with fruits and opt for brown sugar instead of white sugar.

Laughter exposure

Laughter is the easiest and free way to reduce your chances of getting a heart disease. This is why some doctors recommend this simple act.

What you watch consistency can also greatly affect your heart health. This fact I learnt when I was young: Growing up I used to enjoy Preventing heart diseasewatching horror movies, but little did I know this was effecting my heart health negatively.

Think about what happens when a person is watching horror movies: the brain interprets this as if what you are watching is true and this leaves you with feelings of being edgy and uncomfortable.

And what does this do to brain? it sends a message to your body to react and release toxins in the body to help protect the body. This is why when you are in a traumatic situation your heart rate goes super fast and thus increases blood pressure to your heart which is not good if you keep subjecting your heart to this.

Watch it for a longer period constantly and you will get the affect.

In fact according to study and research that was done and published in the BMJ watching horror movies greatly increased the chances of getting a heart disease by producing blood clotting in the arteries.

The good alternative is to watch comedy on a consistent basis. This releases the “Good feeling hormones”,which are called endorphins, in your body which will produce a good overall health in your body.

According to laughter increases the blood flow in your body which in turn assists in preventing you from having cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

Stay positive and be in a positive environment.

Preventing heart disease

I know this may be hard to do for some people especially when you are in a job where you have to interact with the same people for a long period.

This can be very detrimental if your co-workers or if your work environment is very negative and stressful. However, if you work environment is positive this is a vital key to elevating good heart health for you because this means no stress to the body and heart.

If you find that you are in a job that is negative and stressful, their is a tip for you. Remember you still have some time when you knock off from work, which for most people is something like 16 hours.

Within these hours you have a grand opportunity to work on being a positive person and being in a positive environment to fill your brain and heart with positivity.

This could be anything from joining a sports club or church club to meet people who are positive.

You can also read a positive book within those hours. Positive books very helpful since they also benefit you in developing your brain.

Preventing heart disease

Final thought

Developing a good heart health is 80% in your control. By implementing all the factors within your control, which I mentioned above, You can better manage your heart disease if you have one already. With these tips you can also prevent heart disease from happening to you in the future.

I hope this article was very informative in helping you learn the ways of preventing heart disease in your life.

If you have any comments or experiences you would like to add you are more than welcome to comment below. Even if you have questions to ask you are welcome to ask on the comments section below.



  • Daniel

    It is sad that very few people are thinking about prevention instead of waiting for the disease or accident to happen. I’m constantly consuming information about prevention and this article was great. Thanks for thaat.


    • Thabo

      Hey Daniel you are completely right that people tend to neglect looking after their health until it is late. The worst part is that people end up getting into a lot of debt just because of many of these disease and this explains why there is a lot of deaths in terms of heart health.

  • William

    Two years ago I was almost 300 pounds. I started eating healthy. Now I’m 240 pounds (I’m 6’1). It’s hard in the beginning, but it gets easier. Eat healthily. You will feel better too. When you feel better you do more. Which in turn is better for you.

    With heart disease in my family, there is always a member at risk.

    The better you feel, the better the attitude you have.

    One thing leads to another and the good just snowballs.

    • Thabo

      Hey William,Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry to hear that your were overweight. Indeed that is not good for your heart health too and you are right that you get to be at risk even more if your family has this disease.
      I hope now you are eating healthy and making sure everyday is a day to give your body and heart the best health benefits.

    • Thabo

      Ha ha..yeah indeed we all need more laughter in our daily lives.
      Wow I am so happy that you are now eating a heart healthy diet, great choice. Keep it up.

  • David Donahue

    Great article! I have been doing water aerobics and using a cpap on the advice of my doctors. I am at that age where it’s important to keep the stress level down. Thanks for this read as it can help many!

    • Thabo

      Yes David stress is the number one killer when it comes to heart disease so we need to make sure it is as low as possible.
      I am glad this article could help you. 🙂

  • Elene

    These are really helpful tips for preventing heart disease. I have learnt that being positive and watching a lot of comedy does help a lot with relieving stress.

    I also never watch horror movies because you are right they fill your mind with negativity. I think I will be doing a lot of check up now because many illnesses do creep up when you least expect them

    • Thabo

      Hey Elene. I am glad you are taking care of your heart by watching the right things such as comedy more than horror.
      Yeah Medical check ups are needed by any person at any age so that is a great choice

  • Tony

    It is truly amazing what people would shove into their bodies without thinking about the consequences. I recently let some bad habits lead to a hospital scare and have since done a complete lifestyle refresh and it has helped a lot but it is sad that it took the hospital scare to lead me to the change. Very informative article thank you!

    • Thabo

      I get where you come from Tony. I also had a life changing experience which lead to me changing my diet and focus on being healthy. Look I was naive at that age so I knew nothing about eating healthy and living a heart healthy exercise as I was at the mercy of my parents.
      Sometimes life experiences can cause a change for the better.

  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Thabo,

    Sad but the truth, many people neglect their heart condition. The main reason is that we are not educated enough on this topic. We tend to know all this information, but the real education comes from actually living it. I use to know all this, but I was not living it. The moment I took the matters into my hands I felt significant benefits in my life. And I would never go back to the old lifestyle. God forbid anyone going through the heart condition problems. The old adage goes – better safe than sorry -! Thank you for your post.

    All the best,

    • Thabo

      Yeah heart health is not taught enough and I think that is the reason why heart disease is the number one killer in the world.
      That is the reason why I wrote the article for preventing heart disease because at this age we need this information more than ever.
      My education also came from me implementing the heart health lifestyle by consuming the good food.
      I am so glad you did implement a heart healthy lifestyle in your life

  • Philip

    Hi Thabo,

    Thank you so much for this useful information because, as a blogger myself, it is hard not to be sitting down a lot working. I try my best to fit in a few walks a day but it does not always happen.

    I am in good health but its vital we never take that for granted! Reading up on your tips here really can make a huge impact in one’s life if they are consistent with them. I’d say, those with gardens and spare time, should consider growing their own food. There is nothing but the most content of nutrients as they don’t get degraded via transportation and waiting to be bought and consumed.

    Looking forward to your next article Thabo 🙂 .

    – Philip.

    • Thabo

      What a great insight from you Philip. I am so pleased that you are motivating people to look after their heart health at any time and also to grow their own food for the added benefits.
      I am glad this article was able to assist you in giving your tips to prevent heart disease.
      I am glad to see someone who is as healthy as you saying heart health is essential to look at.
      Walking doesn’t have to be a big routine out of your day something as brisk walking is good enough for heart health.

    • Thabo

      Hey Philip, Great feedback from your heart healthy living. I certainly agree that being busy during the day it may be hard to fir in a bit of exercise in it.
      I have also been looking at the option of growing my own food because their are a lot of nutrients that we may miss.
      I am glad you are in good health and you are taking care of your health

  • Bill

    In the section about what we have control over I would say reducing stress is going to be the hardest, I have only got to get into my car and drive a short distance, and I find myself getting stressed at other road users especially those who think they own the road.

    Laughter is something that we don’t do enough of, I blame the television companies. There are not enough new comedy programs but there are plenty of dramas were people are being killed or there’s something bad happening to them.

    • Thabo

      Yeah stress is very hard for many people because of their environment. The other aspect is that people think they do not have control over stressful life event, but remember someone’s behavior must not detect your behavior.
      Yeah I also believe that media tends to be negative mostly so that is why I advice people to make time to be positive in their lives.
      I make time after work to watch movies of comedy and also to relax.

  • Andrew

    Heart disease is a very sensitive but necessary subject that we should all take very serious. Looking after ourselves health wise can be a preventive measure like getting some exercise and eating a balanced diet. The age concept is something that i am thinking about as i am nearly sixty years old ,but stress is something i can usually control. Thank you for highlighting this subject out to us as we all need to be wary.

  • Josh

    It’s quite interesting to see all the things that can effect heart disease that are outside of our control, but as you say, most of the causes of heart disease are preventable through diet and lifestyle. Is good that you’ve also highlighted solutions to many of the bad habits people take on.

    • Thabo

      Yeah we can totally control the factors causing heart disease. Diet is the most important when it comes to prevent heart disease.
      I am glad I could help you with the information on this article. This is because I do not want to other people to go through what I went through.

  • Dwyan Anthony Alford

    I like the way you segment by controllable and un-controllable factors. Basically what you have control over and what you don’t. And it’s true if uncontrollable factors exist then it does not mean there is nothing that can be done. So that’s a good point by you. I generally agree with you on all the points you made. Which controllable factor do you think is the most beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. As you pointed out a healthy diet can help. A more plant based diet is an even greater help because of the high saturated fat, high cholesterol and trans fat content in meats and dairy that actually block the arteries over time. There are a number of studies showing this relationship. Just my little two cents so to speak, LOL. It is after all one of the top reasons why people are going plant-based with their diets, because of a myriad of diseases it seems to both prevent and reverse, including heart disease.

    • Thabo

      I agree with you 100%. I also know that I converted to a more plant based diet in 2012 because of heart health reasons.It really helped me to be more healthy.
      I think the most beneficial factor in preventing heart disease is eating heart healthy foods as food makes you 80% your health.
      I also believe that more people will convert to the heart healthy diets like a vegan diet, vegetarian diet and Mediterranean diet as years go on.
      Thank you for adding your two cents about the studies and I think I have read some of that information.
      Yeah uncontrollable factors do not mean you have no option of preventing heart disease.

  • Ronda Afra

    you are talking about a very information subject all people should know and take precautions, it is really very essential to be health educated specially for heart issue, since in our life, we are doing so many things that are very dangerous to our health without feeling it.
    my mom dead from heart disease and I really respect that you are writing about it for people to know how to avoid its risks

    thank you for the amazing info

    • Thabo

      Hey Ronda
      I am so sorry to hear the sad news about your mom. Heart disease is a very important subject especially since it can kill people almost immediately after contracting the disease.
      The sad new also is that many young athlete die because of this disease so I really want to help people learn all about heart healthy living these days.

      Thank you for sharing your heart health story

  • Irma

    These are all great tips for anyone who wants to improve their health. I was lucky and I got incredibly sick when I was pregnant and that made it super easy to quit smoking.
    No such luck with quitting sugar. Do you have any other tips for getting through the hardest part…the beginning? I am super sensitive to the effects of sugar in my body and even fruit and brown sugar give me huge cravings.

    • Thabo

      Sometimes tragedies can be blessings. I was also lucky to get clogged heart arteries because it made me very cautious with my eating habits.
      Nevertheless sorry to here that.
      There are alternatives you can try to substitute sugar such as pineapple or banana and even other sugar alternatives like honey, maple syrup, Have you tried these?

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