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Reasons to become a vegan- This will make you change your diet

Are you are meat eater? and have you ever considered changing your diet to a plant-based one? If the answer to both these questions is yes then this article will help you understand why changing to this diet will benefit you and also the common reasons why people decide to follow the vegan diet.

There are many reasons people turn to a vegan diet and each person will have their reasons. This is because people’s life experiences differ and also what they encounter as they go through life will have an impact on their decisions.

I turned to a vegan diet 8 years ago and have been dabbling between this diet and the Mediterranean diet due to many of these diets benefits and also for my health reasons. In this article I will unfold for you the reasons to become a vegan which will assist you understand why more and more people are turning to this diet. Please note there are a million reasons people choose this diet but I will talk about the most common ones that occur.


Health complications is very influential when it comes to making a person decide to change their diet. Health complications can include a Vegan,heart healthperson who develops a certain disease due to the consumption of dairy products or meat. This was the reason why I also had to eat a vegan diet to unclog my heart arteries that I had developed due to having bad eating habits when I was young.

High amount of cholesterol in the body can be high and cause clogged heart arteries or a heart disease which can lead a person to be forced to change their diet to a vegan diet as it tends to not have any cholesterol.

However, heart disease or clogged arteries are not the only health complications that may cause a person resort to a vegan diet. Others may resort to a vegan diet to improve their overall health. I remember a friend of mine who said he wanted to resort to this diet because all the people he knows who are vegans have fresh smelling breath (ha ha ha, how is that for a lifestyle diet?)



Most people who become vegans have a very strong personal reason for the effects of the environment. We are all familiar with the effects of global warming and the green movement. Industrialized animal farming has very negative connotations connected with it where animals are horrifically treated. When people start to understand these effects to animals, going vegan becomes an obvious choice.

Sports and physical activities


I know I know….at this point you are curious how this diet can help in sports or physical activity, but it actually does. Let me explain. As veganmuch as this diet may be considered to not have much protein, it takes a knowledgeable person to know the right foods which can give enough protein for this diet. For instance did you know that there are top weight lifter athletes? my guess would be that you didn’t know that. How would these athletes be even lifting weights with so much weight without protein? thing again.

The proteins for a vegan diet are said to be incomplete since they do not have all the amino acids (which is what makes up protein) unlike a meat diet which has complete protein. However, the vegan diet can combine different nutrients to produce a complete protein meal. An example is combination of rice and beans to give a complete protein meal.

One personal experience I had when I had just turned to a vegan diet was that I felt lighter in terms of my body. I also had more endurance when I did my sport (dancing). This meant less fat was clogging my body which made me lighter and energetic.

Family upbringing

How a person grew up has a major impact on what diet a person ends up choosing for the rest of their lives. This is generally due to learned Veganbehavior. Whatever habits your parents had when a person was young or what that person saw on a daily basis is what they ended up imitating for the remainder of their lives. Think of all the things you saw while growing up and ask yourself this, am I now unconscious doing them? For example how you eat, the language you speak e.t.c. It is the same with the type of diet you end up choosing.

Some people grew up in a vegan diet eating family and have “learnt” to only tolerate and enjoy eating this diet. This is what family upbringing does.

Social influence

People are generally influenced by the decisions of their peers or the masses. If you doubt this ask yourself why people follow trends? Some people are just following because everyone is following and it seems like it is the best thing to do. Some people may follow their peers or the masses so that they will seem relevant to these groups. This may then end up making them change their diet to that of a vegan for life as they may experience good health benefits along the way.

Social injustice

Some people feel that we as humans should not be using animals to survive. These people feel animals have the right to live just like human beings and so animals have a purpose beyond us using them as food. This issue can be similar to how people feel when it comes to racism or sexism.

Influence of experts or stars

vegan,heart healthThese days people’s decision have very much to do with what people in the media tell them. Vegan diet has become a trend for quite some time now so social media stars or experts have had an influence on people ultimately choosing the vegan diet.





I hope this article helped you understand the common reasons people turn vegan. If you have any comments or personal experiences you would like to add please put them below.





  • Glenford R

    I have lots of friends who have tried to pass onto me the benefits of not eating meat. I know of lots of sports stars who changed their diet to vegan and it actually changed them into a better sportsperson. Its definitley something to make me think about and look into this more.

    thanks again

    Glenford R

    • Thabo

      Yeah Glenford it is definitely a diet to look into. It made my heart arteries unclogged so it definitely does wonders.

  • Elene

    A vegan diet seems very good. I think my reason for converting to being a full vegan in the future would be environmental. I also feel animals killing is actually not fair and it is quiet cruel. Thanx for the information

  • Vivi

    This is a very complete article about why people decide to go vegan. I can totally relate on the family ubringing part since I come from a country where people eat meat almost every day. When I decided to become a vegetarian 8 years ago my parents thought that I was crazy. Fortunately they ended up accepting it and including more vegetables on their diets.
    I have considered starting a vegan diet for some time now, this is a reminder of why I should!

  • Amy

    I think you’ve hit on some really important points about why someone would want to transition from consuming animal products to becoming vegan. It is a tough choice, one that I had done a few years ago, and trying to convince my son to do the same. I will show him your post because I think he will be able to relate to it. You’ve made a complicated process seem very easy, and explaining the reasons for going vegan is key. Thanks for an eye-opener — worth passing around!

    • Thabo

      Thank you very much Amy, I am very happy to here that this vegan post can be valuable to you as this topic is very personal to me. Healthy eating is vital for all of us.

  • KD Forsman

    Hey thanks for sharing this article, definitely food for thought (no pun intended). I’m actually looking to decrease the amount of meat in my diet and am also starting to introduce more veges into my pets’ diets… I have a slightly overweight dog and a friend has suggested substituting his evening meal for raw carrots! He loves them! Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of his book LOL. Cheers, Karen

    • Thabo

      Hey Karen I am definitely sure this diet can work for animals too because remember the diet is filled with a lot of fiber. This will help your dog feel full for long and thus causing it to eat less.

  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Just yesterday I was having a conversation with my younger brother who is interested in becoming a vegan. He is a bodybuilder and he believes he can get even better results by going vegan. I believe him. Just stop and watch some animals like horses or bulls. A huge, muscular, lean animals, fast and strong. What do they eat all day long? Green grass! Great post here. Thank you for sharing.

    All the best,

    • Thabo

      Thank you Ivan. Your brother is really going to benefit from this diet because it helped change my life years back. I am also an athlete so I use it too and it helped me perform better.

  • Mary Ciesicki

    Love the site and content. I am not a true vegan but I hate meat. I like bread. So, on the other hand, you have given me many reasons to consider being a true content. Thanks for the info.

    • Thabo

      Mary thank you very much. I am honored. I am also happy that this site can be so useful to you when it comes to healthy living. Having changed my diet has truly benefited my life 🙂

  • shenry-fran

    I can relate to your post as I too turn to plant-based diet after being diagnosed with Lupus. People need to know that the food they consume will greatly affect their bodies. Great post!

    • Thabo

      I am so sorry to hear you were diagnosed with Lupus. I can relate because I had clogged heart arteries so healthy eating is vital for a long life.

  • Dwyan Anthony Alford

    Thanks for the post. Some solid reasons there to consider a vegan diet. I hope many will read and take notice. Vegan diet is a trend now as more and more people come into it. I feel strongly that it will become a way of life in a few years because the benefits are many and it works well with the environment as well. It’s unfortunate though that people have to have heart attacks and other illnesses before they wake up.

    • Thabo

      I also believe that this diet will soon be a trend as it is gaining traction each and every year. Yeah I also was nearly in the heart attack situation before I joined this diet.

    • Thabo

      Hey Les

      I am glad you liked the article. Please note this was merely a flaxseed review only nothing else. So that is why the topic said flaxseed oil review. I appreciate your input

    • Thabo

      Hey Les
      You do not really have to give up meats if you do not want to it is purely your choice. Like for instance in my case I eat only fish and chicken on occasions, but I am slowly converting to being fully vegan in the next few years. The problem is the protein that I need to find out how to increase on a vegan diet.

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