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Swimming, dancing and being in court can assist with a longer life.

Certain sports can make you live a healthy and long life

Want to delay death? Then swim, dance, or get on court, study shows

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By Kate Kelland | LONDON

LONDON Swimming, racquet sports and aerobics are associated with the best odds of staving off death, and in particular of reducing the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke, scientists said on Tuesday.

In a study of various types of exercise and their risk levels, the researchers found that participation in specific sports showed significant benefits for public health, and urged doctors and policymakers to encourage people to take them up.

While the research, published in the British Journal and Sports Medicine, showed no added advantage for people who favour running and football or rugby, independent experts said this was purely due to the design of the study.

“This study must not be misinterpreted as showing that running and football do not protect against heart disease,” said Tim Chico, a consultant cardiologist at professor at Britain’s Sheffield University who was asked to comment on the findings.

The study analysed data from 11 annual health surveys for England and Scotland carried out between 1994 and 2008, covering 80,306 adults with an average age of 52.

Participants were asked about what type and how much exercise they had done in the preceding four weeks, and whether it had been enough to make them breathless and sweaty.

Exercise included heavy domestic chores and gardening; walking; cycling; swimming; aerobics, gymnastics or dance; running; football or rugby; and badminton, tennis or squash.

The survival of each participant was tracked for an average of nine years, during which time 8,790 of them died from all causes and 1,909 from heart disease or stroke.

Overall, compared with respondents who had not done a given sport, risk of death during the follow up period from any cause was 47 percent lower among those who played racquet sports, 28 percent lower among swimmers, 27 percent lower among dance aerobics fans and 15 percent lower among cyclists.

In death from heart disease and stroke, the study found racquet sports players had a 56 percent lower risk, with 41 percent for swimming and 36 percent for aerobics, compared with those who did not participate in these sports.

Chico said the study did find that both runners and footballers had a lower rate of death from heart disease. “Although this was not ‘statistically significant’, many other studies have found that runners live longer and suffer less heart disease,” he said.

“I will continue to tell my patients that regular physical activity (including running) is more effective in reducing their risk of heart disease than any drug I can prescribe.”

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My opinion

In my experience all types of physical activities do benefit your heart and help you live longer. I think the reason research found that dance, soccer and court sports help you live longer is the fact that these activities are usually played in a small area , like dancing where dancers require only a certain amount of space o dance just like in tennis. This I think puts less strain on the person's psychology in that they see a small area to move around in which ends up motivating them to exercise even more  unconsciously. In running for instant most people are defeated by seeing a long distance they have to run or if it is a small distance running, for most, ends up being a drag just because they have to exercise (told by a doctor). In sports such as tennis and dancing people usually do it because they enjoy the said sport. My reasoning is that which ever sport one is playing one needs to ensure they really enjoy it and it must not feel like they are being forced to do it because that creates added stress to the mind even before the activity.

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