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Symptoms of blocked heart arteries-Discover what is holding you back

Have you ever wondered whether the little signs on your body may be signaling a major problem like clogged heart arteries. You may be surprised that many people, especially young people of today, that they may have clogged heart arteries related to heart diseases. On this article I will be sharing symptoms of blocked heart arteries and also how you can be able to dictate them before they get worse. This article will also talk about how you can prevent them.

What are blocked heart arteries and what are they caused by.

The normal function of your body is that, when you bleed your body will produce clots to prevent you from further bleeding which can cause you to loose blood. This absolutely normal, however if the clot begins to travel and go to your heart this can cause heart diseases.

The other way blood cots can cause blocked heart arteries is when you eat fatty foods, When you eat these foods the fatty substances called bad cholesterol begin to accumulate in your blood stream and over time cause a blockage in your arteries that lead to your heart, which can be life threatening. One the following paragraphs we will explore how blocked arteries symptoms are.

Chest pains


Have you ever felt a sharp pain near your heart or a stabbing effect on the left side of your body or perhaps intense pain near your back left shoulder blade? Well these parts I just mentioned are exactly where the heart arteries are located, If there is pain near at or near these places it is could be highly likely that it is a blocked artery related to the heart.

The chest pains differ in terms of intensity depending on the severity of the blockage. If you feel these pains your first call is to visit your doctor.


There are different ways you can experience these pains. The first one is experiencing this pain while exercising mildly or aggressively. This pain during exercise can mean that the problem is getting worse or it is getting very worse. This is good as it can help you detect the problem early. When I felt this pain while I was 20 years old and was a top athlete I took it for granted until it nearly got me to a critical condition. I had ignored this because I had thought since I was a top athlete (I exercised nearly daily) there was no problem with me.

Back then I was naive when it came to knowing health, thus I did not know that my unhealthy eating habits could never be covered by my exercising routine. Only once I understood this balance of eating the right food and exercise did my life change. You check out my ways of unclogging your heart arteries naturally on an article I posted.

Back pain

This is a big one as I had mentioned above that your arteries are locked near your back shoulder blades. The back pains are usually pains youBack pain can feel when you touch your back. If you have this symptom, what you can do is to get someone to rub your back near your lower part of the shoulder blade and if your can feel pain,which feels like you have a sore on your inner muscles of your back, that is the indication of a severe blockage. I had this feeling when I had blocked heart arteries until I learnt to unclog my heart arteries naturally as 20-year old tertiary student.

Tiredness and shortness of breath

Whenever your blood circulation is not 100% in order you will naturally not have energy since your heart will not be getting enough oxygen through your blood. Although this symptom did not occur to me when I had clogged arteries but it is one of the symptoms experienced by others who have this condition.


Please bear in mind that these are a few, but most important and most common symptoms of blocked heart arteries. With each of the please, your first call is to consult a doctor. The above symptoms may happen all at once to a person or one of each may occur so that is why it is vital to pay attention to your body. You are welcome to follow my ways I used as a 20-year old to unclog my arteries naturally as my natural lifestyle change revolutionised my life.





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