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The big diabetes lie review- Is it really worth it?

I would like to welcome you to my full and through review of the big diabetes lie. I will be exposing its authenticity to you so can know if it isheart health worth your money and whether it does work or not.

If you are here I am sure you are looking to cure diabetes or prevent it from developing.

Well you have come to the right place for that.

So before we begin you may be asking why should you trust me with so many reviews that exist out there?

Here are a few reasons:

  • I have experienced near death conditions through my body complications in the past and this has made me very cautious when using any health medications or products, I even question the doctor’s advice at all times since I want the best for my body. (Check out my story here)
  • I review many health products weekly and even purchase some to check if they work. (check out some of my reviews I have made here and here).
  • My reviews are very unbiased at all times.

So now since you know who I am and what I do let’s begin the review

The big diabetes lie overview


The big diabetes lie is a program that serves to help cure diabetes from those who suffer from it. It mainly focuses on type 2 diabetes but it doesn’t mean those with type 1 diabetes or those at risk can’t use it.

The reason it focuses on type 2 diabetes is that that is the main killer compared to type 1 diabetes.

The program was developed by a group of doctors with years of experience in the health industry, more specifically in dealing with diabetes.

These doctors are said to be working for the International Counsel For Truth in Medicine (ICTM). Their names are Dr Meto, Dr Sokoviko, Dr Volk, Dr Shust and Dr Sidorov.

heart health

With any program there is usually one leader of the pack who facilitates the whole journey, in this program Dr Sidorov is that leader.

His full name is Max Sidorov and he has been working for the ICTM for more than 4 years (started in 2013). Being the leader he facilitated the writing of the big lie diabetes ebook whereby he harnessed the knowledge of all these four doctors and himself to help in curing diabetes.

It is a known fact that diabetes is caused by the high content of glucose in the blood stream. A chemical produced in the pancreas called insulin serves to transport glucose (from food that is digested) to the cells and tissues of the body.

Diabetes occurs when this process is not met. unfortunately this illness (diabetes) can lead to a person developing heart disease.

This is the reason I had to review this product since diabetes and heart disease are very linked.

You can also check out my article of how these two diseases are linked here

The scientific evidence is shown on the video and the information is linked to major institutions which have shown to approve the evidence the doctors have found.


How does the big diabetes lie work?

I am guessing you have been itching for this question to be answered like most people. In this section I will do my best to answer it.

Before we begin I would like to say a few sentiments:

  • I haven’t used to program myself
  • I have however spent weeks digging deep and doing research for this program since I was fascinated by its facts.

Now let’s begin on how the big diabetes lie work

The big diabetes lie is program that is put in an ebook which is 500 pages. The book is not limited to an electric version, you can still get a hard copy if you prefer this option.

The downside is that the hard copy is pretty expensive compared to the soft copy.

The big diabetes lie ebook focuses on curing the root of diabetes this means that even if you are at risk of diabetes (if you have a family history of diabetes) you can very much benefit from this program as well.

The ebook also contains foods that you should eat while you are following this program, these foods are said to reverse diabetes.

The Big Diabetes Lie book also talks about foods that must be avoided at all costs as it says these foods are responsible for the inflammation heart healthof a molecule called LTB4.

Contrary to popular belief the book says that diabetes is not related to facts like age, gender and genetics, but the inflammation of the LBT4 molecule.

This information found by these five doctors after their years of experience in dealing with diabetes.

If you have seen there video you might have seen how long it is and talk a lot about the scientific backing, but personally I feel it drags for long doing repetitive information. If you haven’t seen the Big Diabetes Lie video you can check it out >>here<<

The Big Diabetes Lie program is a 30-Day plan which is designed to help you achieve your results within three to four weeks depending on how disciplined you are to your goals and the program.

The program from these doctors takes a holistic approach in helping cure diabetes.

By that I mean that the book is full of many strategies to help you with many other bad habits which are linked to causing diabetes like overeating and eating foods with cholesterol.

This is why the book is filled with strategies for helping you reduce your cholesterol and helping you manage your food carvings.

Other related disease are also talked about like strategies to prevent cancer and how to manage and low blood pressure using naturally ways besides medication.


So now since you have knowledge about the Big Diabetes Lie program let’s see what you get with it.heart health

ebook with 30-day plan

For this product you only get one ebook which has all the information in it.

Although the book is divided into different parts like exercises and dieting (food focused) and plain information it is vital to know that it is all put in one book.

The book is well detailed and easy to follow for any regular person.

The book has recipes that you can find in any shop in your location which means you can start implementing it now.

What I like about the big diabetes lie

There are many positives I like about the program and I will list them below:

  • The program dispels the usage of medication

This is vital because we have been so depended on medication that our bodies will crash without it. The main thing is that medication can be very dangerous to the body and so a program using natural ways like these shows it may lead to no side effects.

This means no insulin shots anymore for those effected.

  • The program is not only Diabetes focused (Curing from the roots)

I like the fact that the program is not looking at just diabetes to be cured but it makes me comfortable knowing that they know that they need to cure the underlying problem.

That is why the book talks about the normalizing of blood pressure and blood sugar naturally as well as other facts like decrease cholesterol levels in the body and stopping of cravings.

  • The program is a 30-day plan

Normally they say a habit takes 21 days to develop so seeing that the program allows more than 30 days it is a good indication of its effectiveness.

  • Five doctors/health experts with years of experience

What is also encouraging is the fact that the program is developed by people who have been in the DIABETES industry for the majority part of their lives and have come together with their years of expertise.


  • Accommodates Type 1 and 2 diabetes and pre-daibetic people.

The program as I said earlier is very broad so it can be fitted for people who have any diabetes since it is just strategies that have to be followed.

  • Cancer and heart disease can be prevented

Since cancer and heart diabetes are one of the most deadliest disease it can be of great benefit to many in the world by implementing some of these in their lifestyle.

  • 60-Day money guarantee

This guarantee of 60 days shows how confident these experts when it come to the Big Diabetes Lie program. This can give a customer a great satisfaction and confidence.

the big diabetes lie

What I don’t like about the big diabetes lie

The program also has its negatives and this is worth mentioning so a person can make a well-informed information.

Let’s get right into it.

  • No physical product

This can be a disadvantage that there is no physical product because most people tend to stay to a program when it has some sort of physical aspect that they can see.

But then again this can be a positive to some people since there is nothing to be shipped and kept. I guess this depends on a person.

  • Only ebook available

The ebook can be limiting especially for people who want to work with the book while doing other things in the house or those old-fashioned.

  • Physical book is expensive

if you prefer to get a physical book it will upset your pocket due to its cost

  • Requires your input

If you are looking to buy the ebook and be cured withing a week or two you may be lying to yourself.

This program need to be followed for the 30 days to see any results. In fact, I would suggest making it your lifestyle for like 2 months because people differ with different people.

  • More for medical research

heart health

To many people (as per my research of testimonies) this book can seem like more of a medical research than personal assistance because of the chock-full of information of the research and facts in the book that keep being highlighted.

  • The diabetes part is mostly at the end

This can be very disappoint to some since the diabetes part is more focused on the end part of the big Diabetes Lie book.

Now here is the big part I hated from this program as far as authenticity

When try to do a google search for the International Council of Traditional Medicine you get no results and this means the institution does not exist and if it does it doesn’t make sense why it would not be online, so the conclusion is that it does not exist.

The research provided on the book and video is basically not backed and it seems like it is just taken from other parts of research done by other health experts. This basically looks more of a copy and past to make their product more authentic.

With the research I did there was no ICTM mentioned or the five doctors. There definitely seems like some identity theft done over here.

The verdictheart health


The big Diabetes program is a program that is designed to help you cure your chronic diabetes disease which served to cure the illness from its root.

The program is well specified with a 30-day plan but it can only work if you work on it.

Many people have been reported to be cured by the program,but that will not mean you will be cured by it soon or even ever.

Although it may seem to have too much information which could seem like it is for research purposes but it is very good should you be discipline in following it and also you can sieve through the information to find useful things in your diabetes cure quest.

The reason the main diabetes information is placed at the end is that, as I said, The book serves to cure the root of the problem not the surface problem (which is diabetes)

That is why it first tries to help you look at other conditions which effect the diabetes like high blood pressure, cancer and high cholesterol.

Even though there may be some false advertising like identity theft, which I honestly believe it is only for the sake of capturing people, this program is working for many people who have used it.

I do believe this program is very legit as far as my investigation (with the foods it has and recommendations in the book). But do not take my word for it I would recommend that you test it out yourself and see if it will work for you by clicking <here>

With the programme being risk free for the first 60 days you stand to lose nothing at all as you will have past the 30-day plan that the program gives.

I hope you enjoyed the big diabetes lie review I have done and I hope it has given you more clarity as far as knowing the program. If you have any comments or opinions you would like to say or questions to ask feel free to comment on the comment section below.




  • Evelynn

    Hi Thabo, thank you for this informative review. I love the fact that the doctors have taken a no medication approach and encourage the use of natural foods for healing. The fact that it is scientifically reasearched by several qualified doctors would give me a sense of peace knowing that the program wasnt designed over night by wanna be, get rich quick scammers. I do believe that if someone is serious about improving the quality of their health they could easily make the sacrifice of following the program to completion. From the well documented info you have provided I would think diabetic suffers may greatly benefit from following it.

    • Thabo

      Hey Evelynn

      It is really up to an individual to take care of their health because the program is specifically their to be followed. As much as their may be a lot of hype around the advertising it is great to see that many people are responding to it very well.

      The Big diabetes lie program is a very good product if you ask me.

  • Michelle

    Very impressive review, Thabo. I enjoyed your ‘attack’ and ‘verdict’ of the object. Just being funny. I would love to see more in-depth research such as yours on more health-oriented topics. You have covered all the points and allowed anyone to make an informed decision. I will pass this on to my brother-in-law who has stage 2 diabetes. Who knows, maybe it will make a difference in his situation. Keep up the great job!

    • Thabo

      I am glad you enjoyed the big diabetes lie review.
      Most people need to know the full truth about a program so that they do not waste their money because I wouldn’t want to be in that situation myself especially when it comes to curing a chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease

  • Marketa

    Hi Thabo,
    thanks so much for this informative article; my dad suffers from diabetes and I’m at a stage where I simply don’t know how to help him. I’m going to buy this and see if it helps

    • Thabo

      I am so sorry to hear that Marketa,
      Definitely give this program a try since it is 100% risk-free any way. Diabetes should never be left uncured or any illness so the big diabetes lie program can be of help in such situations.
      All the best with your dad

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