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The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 Review-Blend your way to heart health


Product: Ninja Professional Blender BL 610

Price: $93.59

Cheapest place to buy:

Size of container: 72 oz (about 5 to 8 servings)

My rating: 7 out 10

Guarantee: 1 year warranty

The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 Product Overview

Express UK talks about the dangers of heart attacks nowadays and  recommend incorporating a cheap fruit like berries in your breakfast daily to reduce your chances of getting a heart attack.

So why not blend in berries and other fruits and make a smoothie everyday from a reliable blender?

Ever since I discovered I had clogged heart arteries my eating habits have been relatively healthy and well-informed.

By eating healthy I mean I changed my diet to that of a Mediterranean diet. This was after I was a vegan/vegetarian for a couple of years.

Changing to these diets has meant drinking lots and lots of smoothies and eating lots of vegetables and fruits to keep my heart health at an optimal level.

To make my smoothies I have been using the Ninja Professional Blender BL610. This blender has made my life super easy and such joy due to the fantastic smoothies that it produces with such minimum effort.

To add a cherry on top…the blender doesn’t break my bank account (even the slightest) and has been with me for more than a year now.

Using this blender has made a huge positive contribution for me since I am now able to make smoothies very efficiently and with absolute ease due to this blender’s power of 1000 watts.

The blender is very popular among the most affordable blenders with high quality. This was the aspect that attracted me to this blender because at the time I had little money to buy an expensive blender for my juice and smoothie making.

What attracted me the most to the Ninja Professional blender BL 610 was its durability at such a low cost. It is rare and unheard of to get a good quality blender with high reliability at a very low price. It has been with me more than a year now but it is still functioning well with no problems whatsoever.

The other aspect is the fact that this blender is multi functional, being able to do many things such as chopping, grinding, blending and much more.

I will be walking you through my favorite aspects of the Ninja Professional Blender BL 610 within this review. I will also talk about the Pros and Cons about it so you can get the full picture.


Functionality- Great versatility

The Ninja Professional Blender BL 610 has the ability to cut, chop and mix different types of fruits into a liquid form producing juices or Ninja Professional Blender BL610smoothies.

With its easy to assemble and dissembling components, this makes the blender easy to use for any person even if you are not mechanic or if you are a novice in assembling appliances like me (ha ha, yep, that’s true!).

Unlike other blenders, which I have encountered which have complicated buttons to operate, the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 has five simple buttons that are easy to understand and operate.

With its BPA-free plastic parts you can be sure that your smoothies are not only healthy but also have no toxins after being made in the blender.

I hope you are familiar with BPA, and if you are not here is a quick lesson.

BPA is basically an abbreviation for Bisphenol A. The BPA is a chemical that is used to make some plastic bottles and containers. It is found in epoxy resins (substance used to coat metal containers, bottle tops etc) and polycarbonate plastics (which is the substance used to make containers that store water and food).

This chemical has the potential to leak and contaminate foods or water in those bottles or containers whereby it may cause chronic disorders such as high blood pressure and brain disorder.


What I love about this blender is the great and versatile features it comes with at its price. The blender has five buttons to cater for its different functions. The blender can be used to make very good and pure smoothies for you. This can be done from different types of fruits and vegetables.

There are 3 different speed levels for making different foods blending. The first speed (Lower speed) can be used to make smoothies from very soft fruits such as melon and strawberries.

The second speed can be used to make smoothies of harder fruits while the third button can be used to make thicker fruits or veggies like the spinach.

My baby brother enjoys the snowy treats that get produced very quickly by this blender. This is all thanx to the total crushing ability of this blender.

The blender has more features which produce more functions. You will notice next to the slow, medium and high speed that there is a pulse button.

This button is basically used to make the blender function as a processor as well. This means if you are looking to chop vegetables and fruits this blender can be a great companion to you.

Ninja Professional Blender

What it comes with

When you decide to purchase the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 you can expect to get these components

  • 1000 Watt Motor
  • High capacity of 72 oz container to make large blends for the whole family
  • BPA-free plastic containers
  • Blade assembly that is dishwasher-friendly
  • Gadget pitcher, lid and base tower (dishwasher-friendly)
  • 1 year warranty

Home compact-ability

When it comes to the blender being in your kitchen space this blender is very versatile and easy to fit in any kitchen, thanx to its versatile design which is very adaptable.

When it comes to the noise this blender is equivalent to the least noisy Professional blender out there. This is why this blender is a very good blender for it price range because comparably it is good.

I will however say that the blender has a very large weight for it’s size. This makes it very hard for the blender to be moved around in the kitchen. The blender base seems to have a heavy motor.

The vertical height is what gives it a larger space that it occupies (Vertically) in the kitchen.

The other aspect is the short cord this blender has. This may make it even harder to put it in the middle of the kitchen counter. It is better to locate it near the wall near a plug.

You would need a small to medium kitchen counter to assemble and dissemble this blender as the size is not that big horizontally. The only limit in space is vertical.


Motor and power

When it comes to the power, the 1000 watts makes this blender keep going on and on when it comes to doing its job. This makes the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 very powerful and efficient when it comes to comparing it with blenders of the same price range.



Fruits and Vegetables it blendsNinja Professional Blender BL 610 review

This Ninja Professional Blender BL610 review would be incomplete without giving you the types of Fruits and Veggies that this Blender can juice….well…

Fortunately this blender can handle any fruit that is put in to it. This means from soft to very hard fruits and veggies.



What the Blender can make

Below are the list of food options that you can look forward to making with this blender.Ninja Professional Blender BL 610

  • Milkshakes
  • Soft ice-creams
  • Soups
  • Gravies
  • Smoothies
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Blending whole fruits and vegetables
  • Blending different juices together
  • Grinding of nuts
  • Chopping vegetables
  • Grating carrots
  • Grating cheese
  • Crushing ice
  • And much more

Ninja Professional Blender BL 610 review


The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 has a limited 1-year warranty. According to my use, this blender is pretty durable if you mainly use it for softer fruits and vegetables to create smoothies with occasional use of medium speeds. This can cause it to last longer.

However, if you constantly feed it thicker and stronger fruits and very thick veggies it can decrease its lifespan as the blades can be easily affected or worn out.

I would say that this blender can last for an average of 1.5 years. At the end of the day this will depend on the way you treat this blender.



aesthetically appealing

The great thing about this blender is the fact that this blender can fit in just about any kitchen’s design. This is due to its simple and natural Ninja Professional Blender BL 610look which is very adaptable.


This blender has three buttons on its base which caters for its different functions. There is a button for slow blending, medium blending and high blending.

It can also be used as a food processor to chop your food.

Good for salads, marinade and coleslaw.

This blender can chop and mix different fruits and veggies for food groups such as salad.

Very affordable

Being below $100 makes this blender very budget friendly for even a college student.


Producing large smoothies from tough and thicker fruits or veggies is a problem

This ninja blender has difficulty in producing large smoothies because cutting big and strong fruits can not be achieved efficiently. It is better for smooth and soft fruits or veggies to be used.

Blade bluntness

The blades in the blender gets blunt really quick (within a couple of months of use) if you constantly use it to blend tough fruits and thicker vegetables. This is due to the not-so-tough plastics it is made from.

This causes the smoothie quality to decrease overtime.


Final thoughts

The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 is an overall great blender if you are looking for something that is very affordable and to do the job 100% for your family or perhaps a party with your friends for a quick snack.

Being easy to use and budget-friendly makes this blender a great option for you to be able to get professionally and top-level smoothies without too much effort in the kitchen.

You can make even large smoothies which equates to about 5 -9 servings, thanx to the 70z container size in the blender,

You can rest assured that the smoothies you make are contamination-free thanx to the transparent BPA-free plastic containers.

With these facts I would highly recommend that you pick up your very own affordable Ninja Professional Blender BL 610 which can last you for more than a year and doesn’t break your bank account at all, because Ninja blenders normally are of great value in Amazon. Being an online shopper I have really benefited from getting this blender from them.

This is a great blender even for single people or college students looking to save money when it comes to getting an affordable blender as this blender does all the work of a big and professional blender that are used by professional chefs.

I hope this Ninja Professional Blender BL610 Review was very helpful to you and I hope you learnt a lot about what this blender can offer. If you have any views or experiences you would like to add you are more than welcome to comment below.





  • Elene

    This is such a great review. I am actually so happy to see a blender that is so affordable and does the job that is needed when it comes to making smoothies.

    I have been looking for blenders recently and this post helped me with a great product.

    I am excited to use the Ninja Professional blender BL610 for making smoothies blenders as part of my lunch everyday 🙂

  • Les Trow

    I liked the big dramatic image, heading the post. and you seemed to cover lots of information and even made me consider buying one.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the way you seemed to place specifications at a few different places. I would have preferred to see all the key specs. and price etc. in one place so that I didn’t need to keep looking back and forth.

    Apart from that, it all seemed very good otherwise.

  • Demon'te

    Thank you Sir for this great review, I for one can see how much you love the product ! I’m currently getting back in shape starting to work out and get back in the gym, and I know I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables you’ve answered a lot of my questions this looks like a great product do you have any recipes and suggestions you could give me? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Thabo

      Hey man thanx for the feedback. You are right on the money I love this product because it has been there and has been operating very well.
      Yes I do a lot of recipes I can give you…but I would also refer you to the Ninja blender’s site where they have a variety of recipes, here is the link to check out:

  • Sue Marriott

    Hi there. I have the NutriBullet Rx and I found it very interesting to compare the two. Sounds like the Ninja stands it’s ground pretty well in it’s price band. A very well written and concise breakdown of the pros and cons for anyone on the lookout for a new blender/smoothie maker.

    • Thabo

      HI Sue
      Thank you for your feedback. How is the NutriBullet Rx working for you?
      Yeah it has never disappointed on my side…such great value for money.
      Thank you again sue for the compliments.

  • Michael

    Thanks for this brilliant review.
    I currently use a blender that I’m sure is coming to the end of it’s life.
    This blender looks perfect for what I’m after as a replacement.
    I only tend to use softer fruits when I’m making smoothies. Also I don’t make them everyday. I will normally make smoothies about 4 times a week and use soft fruit with protein powder in the smoothie too.
    This is definitely going to be one that I will consider when IO have to buy a new blender soon.
    Best wishes,

    • Thabo

      Hi Michael
      Thanx for your feedback on the Ninja Professional Blender BL610.
      This blender is indeed going to be a good replacement for you especially since it wont kill your pocket.
      I hope you enjoy it like I do. Great value for money.

  • Vicki

    Such an informative post you have written. I really enjoyed reading it. This is actually exactly the information that I was looking for as I have been looking into buying a good blender for a while now but cannot afford a really expensive one. This Ninja blender seems to fit the bill for me. Not to expensive but does not compromise on power and versatility, You have answered all my questions in detail thank you. I am sure your post will prove very useful to others too.

    • Thabo

      Hi Vicki

      Thank you for your feedback. I am glad I could assist you with finding a good product for blending.
      This blender has been a true companion for me and giving me no stresses. such great value for money. When you use it the results will speak for themselves.

  • Matts Mom

    I have a Nutri Bullet now, and it is really kind of small. If I want to make two smoothies, I have to make them separately. This looks like it could make two at one time. If the blades get dull so easily, can you get replacement blades? Seems like a simple fix for a great blender.

    • Thabo

      Sorry to hear that about your blender. Yeah you can get replacement blades which you can order on amazon again but the cost of buying them will definitely be outweighed by its good and versatile use.

  • samantha

    While I reading this post, I also remember that blender is the most effective and usable item for food smoothies. Of course, your explanation is amazing, I think without any experience about, how to use the blender, anyone cannot explain such way. This is because anyone can understand you have real experience of how to use it. really this is a great review on the amazing blender. On the other hand feature of it, it can use to make many different foods or drink. Anyway, I appreciate you to select such review.

  • travel and treatz

    Well, i don’t like the fact that the blade gets dull, but at this pricepoint, i guess it makes sense. The target market is certainly there. For me, i hate buying the same thing over, so i’d rather buy a more durable product.

  • catherine

    Hi, I am so glad you have written a post on these. I saw an advert for these on the TV before my partners birthday. For whatever reason I decided not to buy one. However, your article has convinced me that i made the wrong decision. This will be a fantastic xmas present for him.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thabo

      Hey Catherine
      I am so happy that I could help you decide in getting this blender indeed it is value for money.
      Hoping it treats you well.

  • Ali

    This is a perfect product. I was looking for a blender and I could not make a decision but after reading you detailed review, I guess I made my decision. It’s a quality product which covers all my needs very well and the BL610 model is something that is perfect for heart health as you mentioned too. Thank you for reviewing it and I’m happy that I found a place where I can read trusted reviews. )

    • Thabo

      Hey Ali
      I am glad I could help you find a good blender and a good place to look for reviews pertaining to heart health.
      The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 is indeed very good value for money and you will never regret getting it.
      Be sure to look out for more of my other useful information for heart health.

  • Stratos

    Great review of this blender. It really gives you all info required to make a decision if it is good or not. Thank you for sharing, I am sure it will help people that are in the lookout for a new blender!

  • Yemi

    The pros and cons you listed are super helpful to help decide if this blender fits into what I’m looking for. I particularly like that it has a BPA free plastic container and that the blender can be used for blending a variety of things.

    • Thabo

      There pros definetly outweigh the cons for this Ninja Proffesional Blender BL610.

      I am glad I could assist you Yemi 🙂

  • Owain

    Thanks Thabo for such a detailed review of this blender. I have been looking around for a blender lately and loved your review.

    I was though immediately drawn the cons and the blades issues did concern me.

    Do you get replacement blades? Can you get them easily or do you have to buy a new machine altogether?

    If not then maybe I should consider a much better quality one.


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