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The red tea detox review- The honest review about the red tea detox from an African

the red tea detox review

Welcome to the full and thorough red tea detox review. I know there are plenty of red tea detox reviews on the internet which makes me have only a few moments to capture your attention right?

so, why listen to my information and read my review of this product in your valuable time?

Here are a few quick reasons:

  1. As a 25-year old I was able to reverse clogged heart arteries through using well researched foods and information.
  2. I am daily reviewing the best products that will help me maintain my heart health for myself due to the condition I contracted.
  3. As an African I checked out the red tea detox myself to see if it will work for me.

The red tea detox overview

For the red tea detox, like any other program, there are two sides: the biased review and critical review depending on many reasons.heart health

This is,however, an unbiased review of the red tea detox program and incorporates all the facts of negativity and positivity so as to help you make an informed decision yourself too besides my final verdict which I will state later.

Ok, let’s start now..

what is this red tea detox program?

The red tea detox program is a new diet program which was made by Liz Swann Miller.

And yes Liz Swann Miller is the same person who is known to have created the Red Smoothie Detox Factor a few years back.

For those who do not know her, here are some fast facts about who she is:

  • She has a degree in naturopathy and psychology
  • Has over 10 years experience in naturopathy and healing
  • Best selling author on Amazon.
  • Selling low priced juice and smoothie diet books.
the red tea detox
picture of Liz Swann Miller-The red tea detox creator


So now that you know the creator/face of this program let me quickly walk you through what the program is all about.

The red tea detox is mainly a program discovered by Liz when she went to Africa. After suffering from weight problems herself, she claims to have been helped by this red tea which she found visiting Africa.

In the video she talks about this story of discovering the red tea in Africa after she had been suffering from weight problems.

In the video she talks a lot about how her husband kept saying that she is too fat. Although we may not have the full proof of the authenticity of this story, but she mentions it confidently and regularly in the video.

She even claims this tea saved her marriage and I personally feel this may not be 100% true and it may be a bit too far fetched.

She also talks about the scientific backing of all this diet which is a great thing to hook the buyer into the falling for the diet. But is it really scientifically backed?

Let’s see

According to the research I did, it is 100% true which means that it is not merely a lie to hook buyers (thank God). Below is the research I found for this program that she claims in the video.


The programs claims that aspalathin (an ingredients in the red tea) is a fat shrinker and helps in reducing stress, blood sugar level and inflammation.

According to elemental this proves this information correct. This is because the aspalathin is the same antioxidant used in the red rooibos tea, which is famous for it’s health benefits.

Dr. Pieter Le Fras Nortier who is known as the father of the rooibos tea industry was the one responsible for the worldwide usage and distribution of the tea, Thanx to his research.

the red tea detox
Dr. P.Le.Fras. Nortier-father of the rooibos tea industry

This is why rooibos tea is very famous and a house brand not just in South Africa but also worldwide.

If you are a regular rooibos tea consumer you will already know the good effects of the tea to your health.

If you do know you can check out the research showing the many health benefits rooibos tea (with Aspalathin) has with regards to the body.

I certainly have never drank rooibos ,but the research I did shows that the effect of Aspalathin is very good for the body.

diuretic ingredient

The red tea detox has a diuretic ingredients, which says it is responsible for releasing fluid and sodium in your body to help with weightloss.

According to Mayoclinic a diuretic substance or food group indeed can be used for weightloss since the food group relieves salt and water from your body vessels, which decrease blood pressure.

They do, however claim that science has not been thoroughly done to see these effects in people.

This is why they recommend a person focus more on a healthy diet which has less salt in it. But the good thing about this detox is that it also gives you healthy ways of eating not just the red tea.

You can also check out my number 1 recommended heart health diets for this over >>>here<<<.

From the research I did we can safely say that the program is strongly scientifically backed with proper facts which I would say the are 80% accurate as we just discovered above.


I also like that she talks that a person must consult a physician “before making any life changes”. This is a great pointer for a program that is authenticity looking to help people.

All in all I feel the video is too far-fetched itself just trying to create a hype which shouldn’t be if you are looking to help people.


OK enough about the video and facts now!!! you can head over on the link below to watch it if you haven’t yet.

The video is rather lengthy (about 1:24:00), but,If you have some time and haven’t watched the story then you can watch it over>>> here<<<.




How does the red tea detox work?

the red tea detox

The Red Tea Detox program is basically a body cleansing and weightloss program which focuses on using a unique tea to accomplish this effect.

Wait wait…this is not only a tea-focused detox, it is more than that.

In fact the red tea is just part of what makes up the Red tea detox program.

This detox program incorporates three components to achieve it’s objective: The red tea component, motivation and exercise.

I will take a closer look into all these components.

The red tea component

This is the main component of the program and Liz has made every effort to ensure it is easier for people to make and consume.

I will not mention the ingredients (for making the red tea) for obvious reasons, but I will say that the ingredients are specifically found in health and nutrition shops all around the world. So should you decide to use the Red Tea Detox you shouldn’t have a problem with getting the ingredients.

This makes it easy for anyone of any background to be able to gain access to them so as to make the red tea anywhere in the world.

Not so quick though...

Some ingredients will actually shock you or even amaze you that they are put to make this red tea.

Making the red tea is very easy to do since the instructions are very explicit.

What I must highlight though is that making the red tea does take longer than your average tea (takes 30 minutes) ,but the good thing is that once you make it you can be able to make 6-10 glasses depending on the quantity you put. The standard quantity of the quantity is for a baseline of 6 glasses of red tea.

You may be wondering how much you will be needing to drink this red tea right?

Well….expect to drink 6 glasses of the red tea. I know that is a lot and that was what surprised me when I purchased the program.

What I did not really enjoy was having to substitute my water consumption with this tea for such a long period (duration of the program)

On the positive part though, the red tea does help those who have a problem in drinking the recommended six glasses of water per day.

In fact for me I liked that It helped remind me to consume liquid throughout the day, which I must admit, is something I hadn’t been able to be disciplined to do before.


Exercise is the other major component of the diet. Exercise is put as generally an optional part of this program.

This part is will take about 20 minutes of your time, but is definitely good to try because mostly doctors do recommend this amount of time for exercising our body.

I know I have learnt to exercise at least 15 minutes a day due to the heart health condition which I had to fight off 8 years ago. This has thus become my daily routine and has helped unclogged my heart arteries.

So as much as this is an optional part of the program by Liz, I would say that your results would drastically improve if you make this part a must for you.

To add to that the exercises in the program are not intense or hard to do in fact she made it very simple for even old-age people to do.

The reason she says this diet is optional is because she states the diet is more important than exercises, just like as the famous saying goes” you can’t out-train a bad diet”

” you can’t out-train a bad diet”


This red tea detox review would not be complete without mentioning the motivation part of the program.the red tea detox program

This was by far my favorite part of the program. success is said to be 80% psychology and 20% mechanics and this program understands this fact exactly.

The motivation part includes you following set disciplines in order to achieve your goals.

The program has gone in deep into helping you plan and train your mind to be powerful in reaching your goals, whether you are looking to loose weight or improve your heart health (in my case) or even cleanse your body or bad toxins.

The reason most diets do not work is because people do not have set guideline of goals they are accountable to or perhaps written down and work hard on a daily basis.

This is the same process all successful people in any work of life implement for success.

If you are one of the people who would like to check out the program to see all these components I mentioned above you can click >>>here<<<


To make the program simple Liz has divided it into 3 phases. The 3 phases I believe are to make it easier to follow since there is quite a lot to follow. So I believe if you follow the program phases to the Tee you will be able achieve your goals with this red tea.

Let me fill you in on the different phases of the program:

Phase 1

the red tea detox

This first phase focuses on shedding a lot of fat from your body in a short period of time, In this case 5 days.

This phase is mainly for detoxifying your body as Liz believes when you start a cleansing or new diet your body needs to first adapt by removing all the bad toxins you had accumulated over the years

In my case it would be blocked or clogged heart arteries.

Phase 2

This phase is where you are in-depth into the diet. You will find that in the phase 2 there are a lot of restriction or limitations for the foods that you eat.

The good thing about this phase is that it lasts only for a short period of time. In fact it is the shortest in all these three phases.

Phase 3

The 3rd phase is a liver focused phase where the aim is to strengthen its usage in your body for excretion purposes.


What I like about the red tea detox

There are many great benefits for using the red tea detox program.

As I had mentioned before the program is very easy to follow due to it being explicit.

As much as it is focused on weight-loss but it is not only weight-loss focused. In my case that is why I bought it (for different reason other than weight-loss).

It can be used to help relieve your stress and also help clean your heart arteries. I did talk about drinks that are heart healthy in my other post over here. Through my research and usage the red tea is also fit to be a heart healthy beverage.

The great versatility of the drink makes this drink very recommendable for people with disease such as diabetes or heart related disease or a combination of these disease.

The great thing about the product is that it is risk free.

This means if you are not happy within the first 60 days you purchased it and used it you can get your tea detox

This fact alone stuck out to me because it shows the confidence of the product and that the producers have as they know that they are giving you a high quality product.


Below is a summary of all the benefits I derived from the product.

  • Easy program to follow with well detailed steps
  • Great product for weight-loss
  • Great product for cleaning the body including cleaning heart arteries
  • A 60 day money back guarantee
  • Can be set to fit to your needs
  • The ingredients can be made used to make other healthy beverages like smoothies.

What I do not like about the red tea detox

There were also some aspects I did not really like about the product and are worth mentioning for people who are looking to buy this program.

Let’s face it…. you really need to be disciplined to follow this program to achieve the desired results. I mean who has the discipline to drink 6 glasses of tea.

The red tea detox

Most people fail to drink 6 glasses of water, let alone another beverage like tea.


On the other hand, I know people who drink more than five glasses of coffee a day so I mean it is possible to do it by some people.

With the program having no physical product it makes it hard for people to actually follow something because this makes them buy extra products on the side, which could have been the money you are using to get other programs.

The two major things I didn’t enjoy with the product is the lack of authenticity of the pictures of Liz and also some testimonials which were fake and used to promote the program.

Upon doing my research,There is a girl who is one of the people who do testimonials and this girl was the same one who did a testimonial for the 3 week diet; Which is another program that went viral but was very effective according to people online.

I did not particularly buy the 3 week diet but I had their free eBook back in 2017 which was very legit as far as the facts I read from it.


This is the girl I am talking about.

the red tea detox reviewThe red tea detox review


The other aspect that was not enticing was the fact that the pictures of Liz seem very fake.

Below is the summary of these factors I did not like:

  • Requires huge amount of commitment to see results
  • No physical product
  • Stock pictures do not look real
  • Testimonials do not seem real
  • Video is too hyped
  • Can be harder to adapt to drinking 6 glasses


The Red tea detox is definitely legit and it is not a scam at all. After usage for only 30 days I can safely say that what she claims on the video “Finally gets you a good night sleep” is valid because this was mainly what I got from this tea besides making me feel lighter.

As much say the program may have majority of fake people or testimonies But I can safely say it does work.

One of the reasons it works is ,because it fits a vegan diet which I know through my life experience that a vegan diet (vegan ingredients or food) does decrease your fat in the long run.

I just do not see the idea of using fake people to advertise the program, but then I guess it is part of their marketing strategy.

Think of this for a moment…

Majority of the program sold everyday have either an athletic looking man or woman (mostly woman). If the woman is not athletic she will definitely be beautiful.

This is all part of selling and I do not judge this way of doing things because this is what is appealing to people who buy products or programs.

But what I am against is using an improper material for a product being sold as this will not bring in the full authenticity of the program or product.

With the Red Tea Detox program the beauty of it is that the results will speak for themselves upon usage and that is why I feel that they do not need to over hype it because their program really does work and produces results.

Instead what I think the Red Tea Detox program should do is to focus on getting more authentic and real testimonies because the face value of the product (video and other testimonials) can turn away a person who can really benefit from this great product.


Let’s be real!!... for you to make a success of this program, like any other genuine thing you pursue in life, you really have to be committed to it fully and do it by the book as it tells, you otherwise your results will either not show or take a long time to materialize

when you try it please be realistic and measure your results by your efforts and in that way you will be able to see results that you get.

If you are looking for a quick fix for weigh-loss this is not the program or product because it will take a bit of time and that is why I like the program itself, it does not give you quick fixes but is there to help you achieve overall health and sustain it.

If you are looking to check it out (risk-free) yourself as well you can head over >>>here<<<


I hope this red tea detox review was beneficial to you and I hope it was able to answer many of the questions you might have had for the Red Tea Detox program like I did before getting it.

I would love to hear your comments or experiences about the Red Tea Detox program and share with the community how it worked or didnt’ work for you.



  • elene

    Hey Thabo

    Thanx for the honest red tea detox review. You have highlighted very important aspects of the program and this is exactly what I will be using for cleansing my body because I love tea anyway.

    I also do not mind drinking more than six glasses of tea as long as it gives me good health that I am looking for.

    As much as the Liz character seems unreal but I like that you pointed out that the diet does works and it worked for you.

    This review was very through and helpful thanx. I will be getting this program for myself.

    I also like the fact that there is a money back guarantee which means it will leave me with no risk should I personally find that it is not for me, But I can see it will highly likely to work.

    Wish me luck, I am on my way to healthy living 😉

    • Thabo

      I am glad to hear that my red tea review was helpful as it was based on my usage and research about the diet.

      Yeah the program is not limited to weightloss so you can use it to cleanse your body too.

      Yeah the money back guarantee is also what lured me into testing this red tea detox.
      All the best for your usage, Please let me know how it goes for you so that the community on this site can benefit too.

      Best wishes

  • Mitala

    I have been looking to get on a diet for some time now as a way of controlling my weight, and I believe this might be the product I have been looking for all this time. I am going to give it a try and see if it can work for me too.

    • Thabo

      Hi Mitala

      I am glad this website gave you the answers you needed to start a diet that will lead to healthy living.

      The red tea detox is very good. Please let me know how it goes for you once you have tried it.

  • Jill du Preez

    Hi Thabo, What a very thorough review you gave on the Red Tea Detox Diet. I love Rooibos so will be using that as I am sure it is the same thing. It was pleasing that you were so open and truthful with your review and I respect that.

    AS I am needing to shed some weight and to sleep better, will give this a try.

    Thank you

    • Thabo

      Hey Jill

      I am happy that you liked my honest review of the red tea detox and that it was helpful to you.

      Yes it is similar to rooibos only that the rooibos doesn’t have a program to help you loose weight and it does have all the ingredients for helping you shred the weight.

      Good luck with your healthy eating.

  • Marlinda Davis

    Hey Thabo, this is a pretty interesting review. I found it interesting that you reversed blood and heart issues naturally though I thought it would be related to the tea. Have you shared how you did that before?

    I also believe there is some validity to cleansing and a better/saved marriage. When we are our best selves and not weighed down and clogged with junk, relationships can make a complete turnaround.

    Someone can go from completely depressed to a ‘new person’ just by cleaning up their lifestyle. Of course, it’s a lifestyle change including diet and exercise which this program seems to incorporate too.

    I also agree with the fake marketing. It takes away from the validity of the product imo but I guess that’s what people like?

    I feel like there should be disclaimers on videos that use trained actors/actresses so that viewers know they haven’t used the product and they’re not seeing the results.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Jennifer

    Hi and thank you for this very informative red tea detox review. I feel the law of attraction working here because I was reading something else regards this detox tea. But your article is very well put together and easy to read through. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thabo

      Hey Jennifer

      Ha ha, Perhaps it is the law of attraction hey. Maybe the universe was trying to give you the relevant information you needed.

      It is such a pleasure to know that you find my article of the Red tea detox review very informative and cleared many other things.

      I wish you all the best with your heart health

  • catherine

    Hi Thabo,
    This is a really detailed post and I absolutely love what you are doing here.
    I always knew that there were so many teas available and as a Brit I do enjoy “a good ‘ol brew!”
    I am delighted to learn that you can do a detox with red tea. My husband and I regularly detox and perhaps we will try this one next time.
    Thank you for sharing and all the best!

    • Thabo

      Hi Catherine

      It is great to hear from you again. Yes there are a lot of teas out there as I have also talked about some in my heart healthy drinks post.
      It is all up to a person to be heart healthy since the options are open.
      The Red tea detox is indeed very good from my experience.
      I am glad this review was beneficial to you.

      All the best

  • Wendy

    I am a huge fan of tea and am always wanting to try something new. So I want to thank you for the review of the red tea detox from africa. I will be checking it out. Thank you.

    • Thabo

      Hey Wendy

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that the red tea detox review was very beneficial to you.

      Please share your results with the community here once you have checked or tried it out.

      All the best

  • Jim

    Thabo, thanks for the info. I have heard about red tea before and recently ordered. Just waiting for it to arrive so I can try it. I decided to go a read a couple more reviews on it while I am waiting. You hit a lot of good points here. The biggest thing I picked up it is part of a system, not just the tea. This was important for me.

    • Thabo

      Wow, great to hear that you will be getting yours soon.

      Yeah it is vital to know that the tea is basically a system and this will help people know a lot about it.

      I am glad this review was helpful to you. I just thought this red tea detox review could help a lot of people know the truth about this Red tea detox.

      I just didn’t see a thorough review of a red tea detox that said all the facts,

      Please share your results once you have tried it out yourself Jim.

  • Tony

    Hello there! Great article. One of my co-workers actually did this exact detox tea and she did really well with it. She did meantion that it was a lot to drink and one of her friends tried doing it with her and it was too much for her to drink so it could be tough for the people that have a hard time drinking a lot of liquids.

    • Thabo

      Wow that is so great to hear that.
      That is right that is why she is getting the results it’s because she is dedicated to it and is working hard to get it.
      For the fact that his or her friend quit goes to show how much dedication you need to put in this program of the red tea detox in order to see the results.
      Thanx for the feedback Tony

  • Evan Cruz

    Hi there Thabo, very good blog post. There was a lot of good copywriting that went around here. And yes, you did capture my interest right from the beginning just like you said that you would. Very good job my fellow civil engineer!

    • Thabo

      Hey Evan

      My aim is to educate and help people and it gives me pleasure that you found my red tea detox review very informative my friend.

      I am also happy to hear that I captured your interest for the red tea detox program.

      Heart health is vital to me my friend 🙂

      Thanx again

  • Gail

    HI Thabo. I have just started drinking this type of tea as I read that it had beneficial qualities for people trying to lose weight but I did not do it from this particular program. I came across the video and found it very long-winded and to be honest I got bored because it went on and on. However I researched the benefits of red tea and just went to the health store and bought some. Am only drinking a few cups a day but will see how I do.
    Thanks for your review.

    • Thabo

      Hey Gail

      Thank you for your honest testimony of the length of the video. I also know that I got bored and found it very repetitive of the same fact.

      I think you are just focusing on the tea component of the red tea detox. I think though if you are looking to loose weight you may need to consider incoporating what they have such as exercise because this is the most important part I think.You don’t have to get it but you can check out my tips for best exercises on my previous posts.

      However if you are looking for healthy beverage to sustain heart health or general health you can continue with what you are doing.

      Best wishes with the red tea 🙂

  • Melinda

    Six cups of red tea a day? That is a lot of drinking. Do you drink water along with it or is that the only beverage that you drink? Do you know what is causing it to work? I will be honest, I’m a bit skeptical.

    • Thabo

      Yes you drink 6 glasses of Red tea if you want it to work properly and yes they do recommend water but the main component is the red tea.
      I also was surprised just like you as I mentioned on my post. I think what makes it work is the ingredients in it which restrict any sort of fat and the exercise component too.

      I suggest you try it to see yourself it it really works because for me I am satisfied, it is a fair product hey.

  • David

    Hi Thabo,

    That is some really interesting information that you have got here.

    I believe that in the far east that what we refer to as “black tea”, people in the far east refer to as “red tea”. And that a “red tea” from Africa is rooibos tea, so I am wondering what is the difference that the “red tea” in the red tea detox program is and the supermarket available green/black/red teas are.

    I am wondering why someone would purchase this plan rather than buying green tea or black/red tea in their local supermarket.

    Because after buying this plan, they still have to buy the components that make up the red tea and it sounds like this is some work (buying and preparing).

    I actually purchased my first box of 40 green teabags a few weeks ago as someone mentioned the potential health benefits. I am slowly getting used to the taste of green tea. It seems to be an acquired taste. I plan on using a few of those teabags per week and then I will decide then do I buy another box of green teabags. In the meantime, I will be using my normal teabags as well. I drink 2 mags of tea per day usually. I have managed to cut down a lot on my coffee intake, from something like 6 – 8 mugs of coffee per day to maybe 5 mugs of coffee per month which is good. I also drink some glasses of water during the day as well.


    • Thabo

      Hey David

      That is a very detailed explanation.

      Firstly the difference between black tea or red tea purchased from a normal local store is basically the motivation and exercise which comes with the program. More then that is that the ingredients to make this red tea is very unique to any red tea or any tea that we know.

      I am very glad to hear that you are taking care of your health by drinking green tea because it is also a very healthy option for your heart.I also like that you incorporate more glasses of water for your beverage consumption well done

  • Isabel

    Thanks for this Thabo, I love the fact that you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk and actually followed the detox plan all the way till the end, kudos for you! And thanks for this too, I would now consider it, whereas fake testimonials and fake pictures would be a big no-no for me otherwise… 🙂

  • Montana

    This is so interesting – I have never been a big person for weight loss diets because I can never stick to the plan. However, tea is literally its own food group in my world and this is something I could totally get on board with!
    Thanks for the information!

    • Thabo


      I am glad you enjoyed the red tea detox review. Yes tea is a totally food group on its own and it is worth mentioning for many people.
      The red tea is a great program for anyone too.

    • Thabo

      Yes, Red tea is basically a very new program that came to help people with their medical conditions.

      I used it for cleaning my heart arteries and for keeping my body clean.

  • Furkan

    I really liked that it has diuretic content. I do Intertainment fasting and want to lose fat and water as much as possible. When should I consume it for ideal results?

    • Thabo

      Hey Furkan

      The program gives you guided steps that will help you know when to do it and how. Normally it states that right before sleep and the morning are the ideal times for helping with producing the results.
      I would just recommend following what they say in the program and see the result because they differ from person to person.

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