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Unclogging arteries naturally-regaining your optimal health

Heart disease are constantly on the rise as the years go by, But what is scary is that people develop heart disease without knowing they have it through blocked arteries. The sad part is that young people are now more prone to clogged arteries which eventually cause heart diseases.

What makes this difficult to combat is that modern lifestyles in this age are making it nearly impossible for young people to prevent clogged arteries. In this article I will be exploring strategies for unclogging arteries naturally.

Modern diets to help clean heart arteries

unclogging arteries naturally

Diet is said to be the most important factor to assist unclogging arteries naturally since this is an element that no one can escape as long as we are human beings (You know what I mean). The following are the diets that can assist anyone live a healthy heart life:

  1. Vegan diet- this is based on a plant-based diet where you eliminate all sorts of meat as well as dairy products in your daily meals.
  2. Pescatarian diet- This diet eliminates all flesh of any animal except fish and other related seafood.
  3. Pescatarian-like diet- This diet is exactly like the pescatarian diet with the only difference being that chicken is included, This diet is basically what I used for the unclogging of my heart arteries.

Simple and powerful heart friendly exercises

As you already know human beings were designed and created to be active, thus this is a vital element when it comes to ensuring your blood flows in your body. The major concept of clogged arteries is the inactivity of the body. Think of why old people are linked to coronary/heart diseases, yes it’s simply the inactivity of the body at this age.

So the more you understand this concept you will find it easy to improve your blood circulation naturally as this is something we do naturally. I will provide simple tips anyone can use to uplift the blood circulation without heavy exercising and making exercise schedules to go to the gym.

The following are the simple actionable tips you can use today (actually right now as read this article):

  • Stand up and rotate your upper body (from the waist to the head) to the left and to the right 20 times. You can do this at work or at home after 1 hour intervals. This helps your body remember to keep the circulation going.
  • Fill your glass half full of water or if you carry water in a bottle to the office or at home fill it half full. This will cause you to be forced to go fetch water once your glass or bottle gets empty.
  • If you are in an office, go get some fresh air outside every 2 hours.
  • Dance to you favorite music for 15 minutes( while dancing to it) at home or in your car (obviously don’t over do it now, still ┬áremember to be safe and do it in small moderation. In this one you may not even need to dance (to the music) as music is said to improve blood circulation to the brain according to University of Liverpool as stated by Classic Fm, a digital radio.

Focus on super hearty snacks

cleaning you unclogging your arteries does not mean you should get rid of snacks. However, there are only a few snacks to indulge on that are not only delicious to eat but also will assist in the process of unclogging heart arteries.

The following are the snacks to focus on:

  • Dark chocolate

unclogging arteries naturally

Dark chocolate is said to have a lot of beneficial factors including lowering blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease. Dark chocolate is said to be filled with cocoa flavonoids which are beneficial to heart health, According to Havard Medical school focus on Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more.

  • Nuts

Cashew nuts,unclogging arteries

Nuts are a great snack to eat on the go as they are filled with protein and good fats (Unsaturated) which are essential for lowering cholesterol which help clear heart arteries and make the arteries healthy. Nuts however have high calories so it is vital to be cautious and not eat it a lot per day especially if you are looking to loose weight.

The environment can be your friend for unclogging arteries naturally

The environment can play a major role if you want to unclog arteries naturally or if you want to maintain them unclogged. This means your home and where you work and the places you visit regularly can either help you or sabotage your efforts. Here are times for helping to maintain a clean heart at different places you visit.

At home

  • Avoid the void of getting hungry-this will cause you to eat junk food.
  • keep loads of fruits in your house to eat in between meals.
  • Drink water to fill up your stomach when your feel the urge of a soda.
  • Put away foods that will cause you to have cravings (like ice-creams, cakes e.t.c)Glass of water

In the office

  • Pack nuts into your lunch box to snack on in between meals
  • Pack 3 servings of fruits (make it a colorful package)
  • Avoid eating chocolates or snacks offered in the office especially if it is not Dark chocolate or nuts.
  • if a staff meeting is about to be occur ensure you ask your office HR to cater a vegan meal as well (this can help a lot as they will know to always cater for you well).


I hope these tips were helpful on your road to getting your arteries healthy. Remember these ways of unclogging arteries naturally can be applied by anyone and on any budget. The only thing you need to do is to follow them, even if you follow a few of them I am sure they will assist in giving you a healthier life as far as your clogged arteries.

If you have any comments you can leave them below. I would love to get your feedback on this topic.




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