About me

Hello my name is Thabo Khoza, thank you for visiting my site. I specialize in helping people improve their lives through healthy living (more specifically hearth health) and also for them to regain their heart health if they have lost it. This is because I faced the same problems earlier on in my younger years when I was 20 years old.

My story

At the age of 20 years old I started feeling lots of pain in my body, especially at the left side of my chest. I was also feeling a lot tired every single day. Although I was an intense athlete the pain was still there. In the year 2010-2011 I had stopped doing physically activities such as my sport (ballroom dancing) since I had to focus on finishing my degree.

In those years I literally felt like my heart was going to give up on me due to the intense pain and sharp discomfort near it.

The measures we took with my parents to combat the pain were incredibly huge;we went from doctor to doctor trying to get help. In spite of our efforts we failed. The doctors couldn’t point out my problem and couldn’t help me. They told me I am still young to have such problems.

Turning point of my life

The turning point of my life happened when a friend of mine who was about two years older then me, who was an active athlete and who was also in the same sport I was in, had a heart attack at major competition. Likely he did not pass away.

When he reported to me what was the problem I was shocked to find out that he had had faced the exact problem I was facing whereby he felt pain near his left chest and especially by eating certain types of foods like meat.

All his symptoms were exactly like mines. He had also tried non-stop to tell doctors that he felt it was related to a clogged heart artery (upon reading a lot of health magazines) and they did not believe him since they said he was still young (exactly like me).

It was hard for me to realize that the same situation could happen to me at anytime if I do not anything about it. More importantly I was scared of not seeing the future since I was still so young and had ambitious(bare in mind, at the time, I was doing only my 1st year of my four year degree).

I then realized that I can not change the circumstance but I can change myself. I then tried applying two things in my well-being to unclog my heart arteries. I  went back to being athletic again and then I changed my diet (Focusing on a semi plant-based diet).

At first the pain did come back from time to time but eventually overtime my life started to change whereby my heart health and well-being not only went back to normal but became better than before.

When the results were showing up in my life I started to realize that there are a lot of people I could help with regards to maintaining good heart health by applying certain foods, exercise and strategies that I have used over the years to regain my heart health.

I became a student of learning food/diets that could revolutionize people’s heart health that doctors may often overlook.

Since then, I have dedicated my focus and effort on looking for foods and ways that are conducive for my body and that get optimal heart health and high energy. Thus, by doing that it has thus made me want to also help other people get healthier too so they do not go through the same route I faced and also to help those who are in a bad health to overcome it and regain their health.

Purpose of this website

I am not, by any means, a doctor however I am dedicated to sharing and inspiring other people with ways of living a heart healthy life. This I am doing by sharing my heart health habits that I have been using and am consistently using to have great health all the time. I will also be doing this by providing fresh and top content for optimal heart health.

I have thus been dedicated to the health and fitness of my being and offering help to others on a consistent basis too. I am doing this in different ways:

  • I am a national dance coach
  • fitness coach
  • I am a health conscious researcher ensuring to be always performing at my peak in sports and in life.
  • I am consistently reading health and positive books to better my life.

If you would like more information on transforming your health, very much like I did it, feel free to get in touch with me using my contact page or you can comment below I will be more glad to talk to you or hear your comment.

All the best,
Thabo Khoza